Use Paperless Post Instead of Mailing Out a Card This Year

Use Paperless Post Instead of Mailing Out a Card This Year

paperlesspostlogo.png Let’s face it. A lot, if not most, of the online cards that we receive are cheesy.

There are two classes of invites and cards out there: handwritten cards, which are seen as “nicer” and more thoughtful, and online cards and invitation which are seen as quick and disposable.

A brother-and-sister founded company out of New York called Paperless Post is trying to create a third category – online cards and invitations that are beautiful and special, but at the same time have the environmental and convenience benefits of online.

It works like you’d expect – you design your card, add a logo, “envelope”, photo etc., then send it to your recipients, and then (and this is a big plus over paper cards), you can monitor who opens and replies to them.


Each card you send costs a “stamp”, and you get 25 stamps for signing up. After that it costs about .12 per stamp if you buy 40 down to .05 per stamp if you buy 500.

Even though these are nicer than normal e-cards, I am sure there are some people who still want to keep it old school and do paper cards. How about you? Would you use something like Paperless Post, or do you feel that nothing replaces a handwritten cards? Or are e-vites and the like good enough for you? Let us know in the comments.

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