SimpleRev - Pursuing Simplicity

SimpleRev – Pursuing Simplicity

SimpleRevThere’s an interesting-looking new conference coming up that I thought I’d share, since I know a lot of DocumentSnap readers are into simplification and minimalism.

It’s called SimpleRev and it is taking place October 3–4, 2014 in Minneapolis, MN.

According to the site, here is what will go on:

There will be intimate workshops, inspiring main-stage action, community-sourced meetups, and evening connecting shindigs. You’ll also talk with mentors, new friends, and potential project partners … not to mention have a ton of fun.

SimpleRev is being put on by Joel Zaslofsky from Value of Simple and Dan Hayes of Simple Life Together fame. I notice my friend Mike Vardy is speaking too.

The first batch of tickets went on sale today if you are interested in checking it out.

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Get Your SimpleREV Tickets While They Last - September 19, 2014 Reply

[…] in March I posted about a new conference that had just been announced called […]

Joel Zaslofsky - April 1, 2014 Reply

You’re too kind, Brooks. Thanks for spreading the word about SimpleRev! I know I’m biased, but it’s going to rock … in a simple way, of course.

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