Fujitsu ScanSnap On Windows 10 - Your Experience?

Fujitsu ScanSnap On Windows 10 – Your Experience?

If you’re a Windows user, you can’t have missed the fact that Windows 10 is now out. How does the ScanSnap work with it?

Whenever a new version of an operating system is released, I put up a post to collect experiences and resources for the ScanSnap. If you’ve made the Windows 10 upgrade, please leave a comment below with how it is working out for you.

ScanSnap Windows 10 Compatibility

According to Fujitsu, all modern versions of the ScanSnap will be supported.

A driver upgrade may be required, but at the time of writing it has not been released yet. Fujitsu says it’ll hopefully be out “mid-August”.

Update 09/02/2015: It appears that the driver was released on August 31. See below for updating instructions.

Preparing Your ScanSnap For Windows 10

If you have a ScanSnap iX500, iX100, SV600, S1500/M, S1300/S1300i, or S1100/S1100i the best way to go is to do an online update.

To do that:

  • Right-click on the ScanSnap icon in the Notification Area down in the bottom right.
  • Go to Help > Online Update
  • Follow the instructions

More Information On ScanSnap And Windows 10

If you want further details, here is the support page for each model:

Your Experience?

So, how is your ScanSnap and related software working on Windows 10?

I’d appreciate it if you left a comment either way. I’ll update this post as new information becomes available.

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Susan Susan - September 7, 2023 Reply

Great hardware + terrible software = unusable combo.

And TWAIN is not supported at all, so you are forever stuck with the VERY buggy, confusing GUI that only ScanSnap can do. No one else is ever allowed to write software for any of their scanners.

Their HOME software is even worse than MANAGER.

Paul Gallagher - June 4, 2020 Reply

I use an s1300i with a Windows 10 PC in my home office. After installing Windows 10 1904 feature update, the Scansnap Manager gave an error that seems to require an uninstall and reinstall of of the scansnap manager before every scanning batch. I seem to solved this based on the following combination of suggestions from below and from the Fujitsu documentation. I downloaded one of the free ‘complete’ uninstallers — I chose IObit — and uninstalled the Scansnap Manager software. This took two rounds of clean up with a restart inbetween, but was fully automatic. Then I turned off my antivirus while I reinstalled the same version of Scansnap Manager. Then I turned on the antivirus. It has only been a few days but so far the connection is back to normal.

Fiona - May 25, 2020 Reply

I hope you can help.!
My Scan Snap s1500 no longer works since the latest windows 10 update. The techies at Fuji have tried everything to get it working , but now tell me that I have no choice but to buy a new scanner.
The scanner itself works perfectly, it is apparently a compatibility software issue.
Is there any way around this?
I really do not want to replace a perfectly good machine ($600 for a new one!)

Thanks for your time


Vince Miccio - May 1, 2020 Reply

I recently installed Scansnap Manager on my new Lenovo laptop with a high-resolution screen. The manager window displayed all scrunched up and tiny. I called customer service and they walked me through a relatively simple (but quite hidden) solution. You need to locate the .exe file for Scansnap Manager (PfuSsMon.exe) and right-click on properties. On the compatibility tab, click on the “Change high DPI settings”, then check “Override hi DPI scaling behavior”. Select Scaling performed by “System”.
If you are not technical, just call the support line, they will walk you through it.

    Hazel Dannatt - September 25, 2021 Reply

    Vince, than you so much for takig the time to post this. I;ve just got a new very high res Lenovo and im in the process of moving fro my older laptop. I was disappointed to find that I cant install ScanSnap organizer, AND when I installed ScanSnap Manager the window was so tiny it was unuseable. I googled, found your comment, applied your fix, and my window is now a reasonable size. Thank you so much!

Scansnap ix500 driver - April 2, 2020 Reply

Nifty trick for those with Windows 10 and with an older model Fujitsu like the S1500 (or older models like S1300). Use Revo Uninstaller to remove every trace of original ScanSnap Manager (registry keys, the works, etc.). Download and install the xi500 software with default locations (yup! use the totally unrelated newer xi500 software) and then do the online update. Reboot. Hook up your S1500 via USB and power it on. Then, once the ScanSnap Manager light turns blue (in the Windows 10 taskbar caret menu), right click and choose “ScanSnap Folder Settings.” Go to the first tab and choose “ScanSnap Folder” as the application.

ScanSnap iX1500 Driver - March 15, 2020 Reply

Normally I do not like to use any of the fancy software that comes with this scanner. I just want to save .jpg images or PDF, and I want them to go direct to the folder I want to save them too. But after an update to Windows my settings for the folder seems to get all goofed up. Then when I try to save a PDF, I get this message: “The specified destination (Image saving folder) is invalid”. I right-clicked my “SnapScan Manager”, picked “SnapScan Folder Settings…”, under the Save tab I have the path to my folder correct, put a year in the File Name Format, which I will add more info to file name in the save window later, hit Apply button, then Save button. Push the button on my scanner to scan, then get that dreaded invalid window. Deleting and re-entering the app sometimes fixes the problem, but sometimes it does not help.

Today though, after another Windows update a few days ago, I wanted to use the scanner and there is that dreaded invalid window again. The folder was correct as above. But looked at all my settings and founld some changes. One I notice was on “left-click” “Profile” settings, my “Standard” option was not picked, instead the checkmark was to “My Folder”, so I checked that back to “Standard”. Tried to scan, but still got the dreaded invalid message.


Carissa - November 4, 2019 Reply

Good afternoon,

This scanner has always given me a hard time. I’ve worked with this scanner at two different jobs, two years apart and I run into issues every time. I have not known them to be good scanners because it is so difficult to get them to function properly. My recommendation is to get literally any other scanner.

nobody - October 14, 2019 Reply

The Organizer is not scaling properly if at all on a higher definition laptop screens.
The large document view is a small postage stamp and the file names are unreadable.
The search does not work. The OCR is a sham. Adobe Acrobat recognizes OCR converted files a pictures and does not see letters.

J - July 29, 2019 Reply

I has this issue after updating Windows 10 on 07-29-2019. It was fixed immediately after uninstalling and reinstalling ScanSnap Manager/

RD - June 11, 2019 Reply

I’ve discovered that there’s nothing wrong with the Scansnap ix500. The problem is with Windows. The Scansnap works perfectly on my Mac.

Rosalie Wallis - April 2, 2019 Reply

I haven’t read every comment, but it looks like neither Windows nor Scansnap cares about us having to reinstall Scansnap every time we use it. I loved my ix500 scanner so much that I bought one for my niece. Now I’ll never buy another one again, ever.

david - December 6, 2018 Reply

Using s1300ui on a win 10 pro system. have to restart my computer every time i want to use it. Seems to lose the driver. Any suggestions. thanks dave

    Michael - January 23, 2019 Reply

    Same problem here. Any suggestions to avoid a restart are much appreciated.

Frank - December 4, 2018 Reply

Nifty trick for those with Windows 10 and with an older model Fujitsu like the S1500 (or older models like S1300). Use Revo Uninstaller to remove every trace of original ScanSnap Manager (registry keys, the works, etc.). Download and install the xi500 software with default locations (yup! use the totally unrelated newer xi500 software) and then do the online update. Reboot. Hook up your S1500 via USB and power it on. Then, once the ScanSnap Manager light turns blue (in the Windows 10 taskbar caret menu), right click and choose “ScanSnap Folder Settings.” Go to the first tab and choose “ScanSnap Folder” as the application. Then, on the second tab, set the image save path as “C:\ProgramData\PFU” Enjoy a fully functional scanner!

    Catherine - March 17, 2019 Reply

    Holy Crap! I’ve been messing around with this for a couple of days now. Thank you for the trick. Worked like a charm.

    I’ll let you know if I have further issues.

    Thank you!

Jim Lyons - November 28, 2018 Reply

Trying to install an xi500 on a Windows 10 domain PC. In the past, I have just run the software and it worked. When I run now, when it gets the the dialog box that says “updating software,” I get “cannot connect to server.” The installation just stops there. The system is behind a firewall. I do not contro l what is blocked. Looking for an EXE that is already updated so it does not have to update itself.

Lester Law - September 17, 2018 Reply

I have the same issue … any solutions to the “make sure other users / applications” are not using ScanSnap. I’m the only user …

    Elad Gate - October 22, 2018 Reply

    This same issue that I had turned out to be I was scanning to a shared folder. As soon as I told the scanner to Save the scans to a regular folder the issue went away.

Marilyn - September 7, 2018 Reply

I’ve used the snap scan for a couple of years with no problems at all with Windows 10. I use a direct to computer USB port. As of today, it won’t scan. Sigh… The blue icon is on. I just get a message that “another application is using the scanner”. I’m by myself – no networked computers or anything. I have no idea what to do!

Ted Hollman - August 18, 2018 Reply

I am running on windows 10 for some time. Lately when I scan to folder, and give it a name and hit ok, it takes a long time to come back to allow another scan sometimes more than a minute. The CPU registers on task Manager is around 50%. Finally it drops down in cpu and the pressing the scan on the x500 finally works. Since the file has been saved to the folder, there should be no work to do. What is it doing? Is there some option to uncheck?

    Ted Hollman - August 18, 2018 Reply

    P.S. tried update but it shows software up to date.

      Ted Hollman - August 19, 2018 Reply

      Note OC R is not checked.

    Cynthia Ann Clavey - February 24, 2020 Reply

    This continues to be my issue. Windows 10 struggles with processes for saving out of ScanSnap to folders. Updates from the Help menu only give OCR updates.

Travis - July 9, 2018 Reply

Constant issues with ScanSnaps & Win10 (clean install not an upgrade). At least monthly we have to uninstall and re-install everything related to the scanner to restore connection and operation. This is on several PCs not just one. It’s a great scanner but it’s a HUGE time consuming mess to keep them working consistently. Updated versions of everything never seem to make any difference. S1500 and ix500 both suffer from this.

    Vanessa - July 25, 2018 Reply

    Every time I want to use my scansnap I have to go through the painful process of reloading the program. At this point I”m looking for a new scanner. 🙁

      Roger Whitaker - July 25, 2018 Reply

      I solved my Scan Snap problem by installing it on an older desktop on my network running Win7. I gave up on trying to use it with my Win10 workstation.. End of problem, but less convenient.

    Roberta H Bennett CPA - September 17, 2018 Reply

    Having similar issues with my Scansnap ix500. Have uninstalled and reinstalled software/drivers but my Windows 10 computer will no longer find the Scansnap. The scansnap icon remains grayed out indicating it is not ready. Is Fujitsu addressing this issue?

    Jeannine - October 18, 2018 Reply

    Same with i1300. I love this scanner but the software is a pain

    Dan R - December 5, 2018 Reply

    My wife uses her ix500 on windows 10 and almost every time she goes to use it, I have to uninstall and reinstall it. This has been going on for about 2 years. As a result I will never buy another Fujitsu product again.

doug mcclellan - July 7, 2018 Reply

Scansnap S1500 Windows 10 Msg on pc when plugging in Scansnap S1500 is driver not found then the light on the scanner goes off. Performed a clean install of latest Scansnap software. Issue not resolved.

Will review the comments from other on this site.

    doug - July 9, 2018 Reply

    The issue I encountered has been resolved. Re-installed software a couple of times. Also found that the S1500 needs to be plugged into one of the Thunderbolt ports on the laptop. The scanner would not work when connected to a non-Thunderbolt port.

    Based on comments from others, I may need to repeat the software install process after a period of time. Time will tell.

Adam Brinkley - June 22, 2018 Reply

Hi all – Ref error: “The specified destination (Image saving folder) is invalid.”
W10 Home Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134
ScanSnap S1300
All software downloaded from June 2018.
Local AntiVirus is Bitdefender Total Security 2018

I was getting this error above as described no matter what I tried re: uninstalling / forcing folder names & locations / enabling access to AppData folder / etc.

Noted above the mention of Bitdefender *but in no way was I going to uninstall the product.
This resolved the issue for me:
1) Bitdefender > ‘Shield’ (on left hand vertical menu = ‘Protection’) > View Features > Application Access.
2) I could then see the list of ScanSnap applications that were running and consequently blocked by Bitdefender.
3) I ‘Allowed’ all related applications > Attempted ScanSnap again = error disappeared = scanning didn’t *quite complete successfully > Returned to Bitdefender as above > ‘Allowed’ other related ScanSnap applications that were now present > Attempted scanning again = hey presto, all resolved.

I can only speculate if you are running another AV, perhaps there will be a similar ‘Application Protection’ feature running? and if so, find it and follow your nose as above.

With this identified, it should now be a 5 minute job. Hope this helps someone out 🙂 – AB.

    Mary Cooper - January 14, 2019 Reply

    Thanks SO MUCH. BitDefender was doing this to me. Your message helped me solve it! BRILLIANT. Thanks again!

    AM - January 30, 2019 Reply

    You are a legend for taking the time to put this info here Adam, I was becoming deranged. Problem solved. Hurrah!

JAMES S BOSTER - May 28, 2018 Reply

I have been trying to get it to work for many hours now and it keeps giving me the error “The specified destination (Image saving folder) is invalid.” Except that there is no clue about how to specify that folder.

    Paul - June 7, 2018 Reply

    It used to work fine for me. After changing a bunch of settings with the Scan Snap phone help it worked great for two months. Now I can’t get it to work again in June 2018. It shouldn’t be that hard. I don’t want to be an IT guy every few months that this now crap scanner has an issue.

      Roger - June 7, 2018 Reply

      I deal with my Windows 10 updates screwing up my ScanSnap, sadly, by putting it on a secondary computer still running Win 7. I strongly believe that I should not have to do this. Every time I got it fixed by playing IT guru reloading drivers or setting permissions, the next MS update whacked it again. I got very tired of this. Other than this we love our two ScanSnaps.

    Tan - June 8, 2018 Reply

    I also kept getting the error message, “The specified destination (image saving folder) is invalid”.
    I’m using Windows 10. After a painful hour of troubleshooting, it turned out to be Windows 10’s Ransomware protection.

    So what I did was…
    Search Ransomware protection
    Under Controlled folder access, toggle to Off.

    Note: I tried to keep this feature on and put applications on the allow list, but to no avail. I’ll have to switch it on and off if I want protection AND be able to use the scanner and certain other applications that are also blocked.

      Tom - July 7, 2018 Reply

      Thank U thank U thank U know working hours hours on this problem fuck me what a bitch.I really appreciated your help I’m sure you spent some time on it yourself God Almighty

      RICHARD CONNOLLY - July 15, 2018 Reply

      Thanks guys, the “Image saving folder” error came up right after I upgraded the software for Windows 10. I thought at first the ransomware was encountering a virus so I did not want to toggle off. This gives me peace of mind that it is not the case, though at some point I will want to switch it back on. So what is the solution?

      Stan - September 14, 2018 Reply

      Tan thank you very much

Pattrish - April 30, 2018 Reply

I started having problems with Organizer a while back…maybe 8-9 months ago. Scanned documents wouldn’t move to a particular designated file. I called technical support and he told me to uninstall and reinstall. I did that and, again, the documents wouldn’t move to my designated file PLUS I then couldn’t delete the scanned item. I decided to uninstall and reinstall again. Now, nothing works. Organizer won’t install properly at all. I got a message I needed to install a particular version first…but…the version suggested isn’t available on Fijutsu’s web site. At least I got Manager working and can tell it where I want something filed. I give up!!!

    Steve - May 18, 2018 Reply


    More on the “The specified destination (Image saving folder) is invalid” folder problem. I got this just today after never having had a problem. I did have to reinstall scansnap after it stopped connecting (and I’ve found that reinstalling is the only way to fix this – grrr!)

    Anyway – I saw the path mentioned below: “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\PFU\SSFolderTemp” which i believe is the right folder.

    You can’t select any folder because i think it requires it to have a Log subdirectory or something. Anyway, i could not select this folder as it wasn’t visible in the folder viewer. I fixed by making my AppData folder non-hidden in file explorer. I was then able to select the folder in both the button scan settings and folder scan settings. and was then able to scan.
    Hope this helps folk who encounter it.

Martin - April 27, 2018 Reply

My ix500 scanner has been working fine for years , but starting perhaps two weeks ago I haven’t been able to scan when connected via USB anymore. Icon grey. Wireless still worked fine. After a lot of google and struggle with all the usual suspects, I found this to work for me:
1. Disconnect scanner USB cable
2. Uninstall ScanSnap Manager
3. Download and reinstall ScanSnap Manager from
4. Cancel when it wants to set up scanner connection, both cable and wireless
5. Download and install ScanSnap Manager update from same source
6. Restart computer
7. Reconnect USB cable
8. Wait a minute ot two
Voila, icon blue again! As a bonus I perceive the OCR processing to be much faster now.

Alexis - April 19, 2018 Reply

This scanner has been working fine for about a year now , but starting April 13th I have been unable to scan things unless it is connected to my computer via USB. I tried resetting the network connection and restoring the scansnap software, and on both my computer and the scansnap it says it’s ready to scan, but when I push the blue scan button it just blinks and does not feed the paper through. Any ideas?

Snoozer - April 6, 2018 Reply

I had error 0x8007045A. I contacted scansnap after trying some of the solutions mentioned here. They did a number of things to my computer before we got to this–so I’m not sure if this alone works for that error but my guess is it does: locate the scansnap manager file in program files. Right click on it. Click on Run as administrator. (Don’t right-click the icon in the tray at left–that’s different.)

That works for me. Since then I’ve tweaked it so that so that it starts all the time in admin mode. Again, right click the scansnap manager exe file, and this time click on properties. click on the “compatabilities” tab. At bottom check off the box beside “run this program as administrator.”

But the program doesn’t run at startup. I went to the task manager and clicked the startup tab. Disabled scansanap manager. Then created a delayed startup 1 min after logon, following this example:

If that doesn’t work, I’ll come back and report.

Bottom line is, if the things already said don’t work for you, try starting scansnap manager in admin mode by right -clicking it.

    Snoozer - April 6, 2018 Reply

    I meant don’t right-click icon in tray at lower right. Sorry about that.

      Snoozer - April 6, 2018 Reply

      The tweak I used for a delayed autostart did work for me. Not sure why changing it to automatic run as admin needs that tweak. But anyway, things are good again. Hope this helps someone.

CW - March 23, 2018 Reply

Everyone having issues with Wind 10 needs to go to the Fujitsu website and download the latest ScanSnap Manager software (and whatever other components you might have installed). As Microsoft makes changes to Windows 10, you need to also update ScanSnap Manager and drivers to take advantage of fixes and incompatibility issues, etc.


AS - March 23, 2018 Reply

Been using an ix500 with Windows 10 for almost ten months no issue, love it. Suddenly today the software is running super slow and laggy. Everything on this product used to work instantly – e.g., hit the blue button, boom it scans. Right click on the task bar icon and scan from there, boom no problems. Now there is a huge delay/lag in everything. Uninstall/reinstall did not seem to work. Could this be a port issue? Any advice?

    AS - April 7, 2018 Reply

    To those of you who experience a problem similar to mine, I solved it with the help of Fujitsu support, who was very good I have to say. Turned out to be my antivirus software, which was Bitdefender. After trying many many different fixes with no success, I uninstalled Bitdefender and the problem instantly resolved and all was back to normal. I had been running Bitdefender the entire time I had this scanner with no issues, but all of a sudden it started to interfere. Probably started with the latest update. Thanks to Fujitsu support guy Kenny, he was great.

Matthew - March 16, 2018 Reply

Hi- I have a new laptop with high res screen and cannot make any adjustments in scan button settings as too small. Has this been solved yet? Any others having issues? I have ix500

    Jonathan - June 4, 2018 Reply

    I have the same issues – this is insane. The coders at scan snap are obviously 6 years old as people have been complaining about this for years. Someone needs to get this application to be DPI compliant – this is a nightmare – basically unusable. Trying to override DPI issues in compatibility mode but barely working. This is a modern device and should be written in a way where compatibility mode is NOT required. Please fix or address.

William Lockitt - March 7, 2018 Reply

You would think for the price of the scanner and the issues people have using it with windows 10 someone at Fujitsu would be able to come up with a solution.
They should rename it ScanCrap ix500 and refund the money as I have a very expensive black box with a light on the front that does nothing else.

    jman virginia - March 15, 2018 Reply

    I purchased a s1300i scanner to use with my windows 10 desktop.

    I was excited to finally scan and file many many papers into my computer.

    I have spent 9 hours trying to load and get it to work and I am trying again today. I am going to try and get in touch with support but I am not expecting much.

    I don’t want to be a software manager or computer expert, I just want to use the program.

    Any suggestions?

    I am going to try their trade in program offered or see this on ebay and then do better research to buy another brand.

peter - March 2, 2018 Reply

I bought this scanner about two years ago. Was completely awesome until some time in the past several months when it started disconnecting. I don’t know how to get it to connect. I called Fujitsu support and they got it connected but I don’t really understand what they did and I don’t know how to get it connected on my own. Right now I need it to connect and it’s 830PM so I don’t believe Fujitsu support is available. So this has been kind of a bummer. If I find out that Fujitsu is doing this on purpose as planned obsolescence I will never buy another Fujitsu. Otherwise I might upgrade to another Fujitsu. I would prefer to just get this f****g thing working again. Was my pride and joy. I have scanned tens of thousands of pages with it. Am surprised there are not more work-arounds online, because this must be happening to other people. Windows 10, HP 360 Spectre.

Paul - January 30, 2018 Reply

Been using Windows 10 for a few years and rarely a problem. Lately, it constantly disconnect. Getting it to work is rarely a quick fix. I’m considering a new scanner and not a Fujitsu.

Roy Glassberg - January 29, 2018 Reply

The scanner works fine on my assistans Windows 7 computer and works 1 out of 10 times on my windows 10. I have the latest driver installed and the Right Click Menu stays grey. I go to the Scan Snap recovery and execute and it says the manager is runner but still nothing. I spend 10 minutes trying to scan one document; worthless if it cannot be fixed

    BMax - February 9, 2018 Reply

    Endless struggle with the ScanSnap S1100i. It works for a few scans then gives a connection error. I have tried all of the tricks in this tread and others. Firewall bypass, restart, connection tool (its says the connection is fine but I still get error0x 80004005!!), uninstall/reinstall, update, permissions in WIA, …. what a waste of my time. If I can’t scan quickly this scanner is useless. Need to buy some other brand that actually works with Windows 10 Pro. Too bad since I have been using a Scan Snap for over 5 years and was recommending them up til now.

      HarrietM - February 24, 2018 Reply

      I am receiving this same error with Scansnap s1300i. EVERY time I turn it on, the scan light is flashing and I get a pop up that says:
      “Unable to connect with scansnap due to an error in the program’s operating environment (0x80004005). Uninstall ScanSnap Manager and install it again.”
      I have to uninstall and reinstall every time I use the scanner.
      Beyond frustrating.

Phil - January 2, 2018 Reply

Since Win10 Pro (64bit) Fall Update (1709) my S510 is not working properly.

Regular scans with “save to folder” are working fine but when using scan to email (important for me) I receive the error code 0x0002 that it cannot be forwarded to email.

I am using 32bit Outlook 2010.

I already have updated to the lastest driver/scansnap manager for S510 as well as for ix500 which in general works fine but produces the same error.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance…

    Phil - January 3, 2018 Reply

    I just found the solution:

    Just repair the installation of Microsoft Office with appwiz.cpl. After that everything works fine again.


BillaKat - October 25, 2017 Reply

I had the same issue with the destination folder using Windows 10. I used the File Explorer Option to locate the folder and then checked the properties. It was marked as “Read Only.” I unchecked the box and hit Apply. So far, it’s working.

NDboots - October 17, 2017 Reply

Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500, I loved it using it with Win 7, but now with Windows 10, and newest SnapScan Manager, I have issues with the SnapScan Manager each time Win 10 updates, and sometimes with other software updates.

Normally I do not like to use any of the fancy software that comes with this scanner. I just want to save .jpg images or PDF, and I want them to go direct to the folder I want to save them too. But after an update to Windows my settings for the folder seems to get all goofed up. Then when I try to save a PDF, I get this message: “The specified destination (Image saving folder) is invalid”. I right-clicked my “SnapScan Manager”, picked “SnapScan Folder Settings…”, under the Save tab I have the path to my folder correct, put a year in the File Name Format, which I will add more info to file name in the save window later, hit Apply button, then Save button. Push the button on my scanner to scan, then get that dreaded invalid window. Deleting and re-entering the app sometimes fixes the problem, but sometimes it does not help.

Today though, after another Windows update a few days ago, I wanted to use the scanner and there is that dreaded invalid window again. The folder was correct as above. But looked at all my settings and founld some changes. One I notice was on “left-click” “Profile” settings, my “Standard” option was not picked, instead the checkmark was to “My Folder”, so I checked that back to “Standard”. Tried to scan, but still got the dreaded invalid message.

Then I hunted some more and “right-clicked” the “SnapScan Manager” and then picked “Scan Button Settings”, and under the “Save” tab the path on that went to a drive I have not used since last year???? So, I went back to look under “right-click” “SnapScan Manager” to compare/see if that was the same or not, “SnapScan Folder Settings…”, and under the “Save” tab I confirmed there that the path to my folder I picked was still correct. Sooo, obviously there are two save folder options that are not the same in the SnapScan Manager!

So, I went back to “right-clicked” the “SnapScan Manager” and then picked “Scan Button Settings”, and under the “Save” tab I changed that to the correct path to match the other section. Then the scanner opened the correct folder to save too, with no invalid window. This is a strange problem.

    GSB - October 24, 2017 Reply

    I was getting the same error message after a window 10 update from last week ( October 2017).

    I tried everything including making new folders.

    ScanSnap would not work until I selected the scansnap folder as the location to save files. After I did this and scanned a document, the manager popped up as normal – and the file path showed my normal folder not the scansnap folder that had been saved using the scansnap manager settings. Odd.

    To save I had to give authorization as an admin- something I have never had to do.

    I would agree that windows 10 / scansnap manager is not working well. Plus my BitDefender also started to restrict access to folders like never before. Ugh.

      GSB - October 24, 2017 Reply

      Here is the file path I had to choose to get scansnap working on my s 1500

        JR - May 12, 2018 Reply

        ScanSnap iX500 Errors
        ERROR: “The specified destination (Image saving folder) is invalid”
        Normally I do not like to use any of the fancy software that comes with this scanner. I just want to save .jpg images or PDF, and I want them to go direct to the folder I want to save them too. But after an update to Windows my settings for the folder seems to get all goofed up. Then when I try to save a PDF, I get this message: “The specified destination (Image saving folder) is invalid”. I right-clicked my “SnapScan Manager”, picked “SnapScan Folder Settings…”, under the Save tab I have the path to my folder correct, put a year in the File Name Format, which I will add more info to file name in the save window later, hit Apply button, then Save button. Push the button on my scanner to scan, then get that dreaded invalid window. Deleting and re-entering the app sometimes fixes the problem, but sometimes it does not help.

        Today though, after another Windows update a few days ago, I wanted to use the scanner and there is that dreaded invalid window again. The folder was correct as above. But looked at all my settings and founld some changes. One I notice was on “left-click” “Profile” settings, my “Standard” option was not picked, instead the checkmark was to “My Folder”, so I checked that back to “Standard”. Tried to scan, but still got the dreaded invalid message.

        Then I hunted some more and “right-clicked” the “SnapScan Manager” and then picked “Scan Button Settings”, and under the “Save” tab the path on that went to a drive I have not used since last year???? So, I went back to look under “right-click” “SnapScan Manager” to compare/see if that was the same or not, “SnapScan Folder Settings…”, and under the “Save” tab I confirmed there that the path to my folder I picked was still correct. Sooo, obviously there are two save folder options that are not the same in the SnapScan Manager!

        So, I went back to “right-clicked” the “SnapScan Manager” and then picked “Scan Button Settings”, and under the “Save” tab I changed that to the correct path to match the other section. Then the scanner opened the correct folder to save too, with no invalid window. This is a strange problem.
        SOLUTION: Here is the file path I had to choose to get ScanSnap working on my s 1500
        Right-click ScanSnap Manager from System Tray (Near Clock)
        Left-click Scan Button Settings…
        Select the highlighted folder below

        Right-click ScanSnap Manager from System Tray (Near Clock)
        Left-click ScanSnap Folder Settings…
        Select the highlighted folder below

        Right-click on ScanSnap folder (under Documents) in Windows Explorer and turn OFF Read Only (If applicable)
        Now getting I have to provide Admin Permission to save every file

        Scan2Folder.exe is needing Admin rights

        FIX: Changed notifications on this message to NEVER notify me.

        Thanks to the 2 users that posted the starting information!
        I ran into more problems but this is how I fixed them.

      Richard - December 9, 2017 Reply

      This worked for me! Thanks!

EarthDye - October 9, 2017 Reply

This worked for me:
Check if the folder specified for [Image saving folder] in the [Save] tab of the ScanSnap setup window exists. If the folder is not found, create a new folder or specify another folder for [Image saving folder].

Also, make sure that you have write authority to the folder.

If the problem persists, refer to the following to collect the system information, and contact your FUJITSU scanner dealer or an authorized FUJITSU scanner service provider.

    EarthDye - October 9, 2017 Reply

    P.S, I also had to create a new folder even though the old one was in tact. This all started after I took down my pc to evacuate Irma.

    Nothing else worked.

gina - August 21, 2017 Reply

I have a problem with the pop of window of the scansnap manager it is too small and doesnt display all the information . Please help cannot find anything regarding this, except a DPI problem and I dont want to mess with the solution suggested (very involved for mid novice)

    Alicia - August 25, 2017 Reply

    Same issue with my brand new iX500 on a Windows 10 laptop. Have you found a quick solution to this yet?

      Gina Stein - August 26, 2017 Reply

      not yet havent heard of a solution. It is very bothersome.

        Puneet Khurana - December 1, 2017 Reply

        Its a problem with new high Display laptops and there is apparently no solution for it. I bought a lenovo yoga which created the same issue , not only for Scansnap but for almost all softwares.

        Apparently , the only solution can come from Windows and god knows when that will be..

        Lindsey - February 6, 2018 Reply

        Any solution for this yet? Just tried to install old S1500 on my Lenovo Yoga, and same issue you had back in August. Can’t adjust any settings in scan-snap manager as the pop-up window is too small and cut off.

        New ideas since then?

          Matthew - March 16, 2018 Reply

          Has there been any update on this. Its a complete pain

      Simon - October 18, 2017 Reply

      I too am having problems installing a new ix500 under Windows 10 on my laptop. The downloaded Manager software fails to install every app, even when run as Administrator. When I plug the scanner in, it shows up in Devices, but no driver installed! I only bought this one as the perfectly good fi-5120 I had doesn’t have Win10 drivers (come on Fujitsu, a driver should be trivial to create)

Carey Vandenberg - March 1, 2017 Reply

I’ve never had a problem with the S1500 which I’ve used for several years. I needed a 2nd scanner so I got the ix500. BIG MISTAKE. It’s worked for about 6 months but now I can seem to keep it connected. I got an error saying another user is using it (NO THERE ISN’T!). I’ve shut off the wifi on it, uninstalled and reinstalled the software etc. I’ve run the Support Tool and I either get a “NOT CONNECTED” so I unplug and re-plug in the usb cable and the next time it says “THE DRIVER WAS REMOVED” argh!!! Now I can’t get it to connect (*^$#*+&%$ SCANSNAP!

    Brooke FreemanNo have had the - April 13, 2017 Reply

    I have had the same issue for over a year. Fujitsu can’t figure it out. Resolves if I restart my computer but that is pain to do everytime i want to use the scanner.

Joe P. - February 24, 2017 Reply

Anyone have an issue with installing the ScanSnap Receipt software on Windows 10? I have been unable to get past the “side-by-side configuration is incorrect” error. If anyone has a fix, I would greatly appreciate it

Daco - February 22, 2017 Reply

Solution for connection error for Scansnap ix500 running Windows 10:

1. Control panel, select “Administrative Tools”, open “Services”

2. Find service named “Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)”, right-click on it, select “properties”

3. Go to the “Log On” tab, select “Log on as: Local System Account”, check the “Allow service to interact with desktop” box

4. Click OK, restart.


    Carey Vandenberg - March 1, 2017 Reply

    I just posted a very angry email on my frustration and then read your fix. Thanks! It worked.

    Mlee - March 13, 2017 Reply

    Thank you for this! I was ready to pitch a fit and now my scansnap has no problems!

    LouieC - April 23, 2017 Reply

    Thank you very much Daco. Your solution worked!

      LouieC - August 10, 2017 Reply

      Another windows update killed my scansnap connection. Daco’s solution worked again. Thanks thanks thanks!

    Peter - May 9, 2017 Reply

    Spent the last few days getting really frustrated with the scanner after the win 10 creator update. Finally fixed in 30 seconds after seeing your post, thanks for the help

    Wow - August 24, 2017 Reply

    You are a godsend! Thank you!

    Lisa Jackson-Zeno - September 1, 2017 Reply

    OMG!! THANK YOU!!!! 1000 Times Out of Nowhere I started getting getting this error and I just started working here in Feb…there was no “manual” no “box” no one to ask…so I Google it… and there YOU were. YOU are my HERO. Thank you!

    JoseM - September 5, 2017 Reply

    Note – restart just refers to restarting the service, not Windows itself (at least it worked for me). Right click and restart WIA service, make sure to restart the Scansnap Manager service as well by exiting the tray icon and then manually launching the program again. The icon may take up to a minute to reconnect to your ix500.

    Excellent fix, simple, no fuss. Daco, is there a drawback to having the log on for WIA set to Local System Account? Any incompatibilities with other, camera/scanner related programs, such as webcam or AIO printer software?

    Mary - September 24, 2017 Reply

    Daco, YOU ARE THE BEST. Thank you so much! My S1300i was giving me hell and now it works like a dream. Thank you!

    Simon Conway-Smith - October 19, 2017 Reply

    After having problems with the ix500 driver & software failing to install, I did this, and it worked! I have therefore made a copy of these instructions in my Dropbox ‘Notes’ folder for future reference. Thank you.

    Diane - January 12, 2018 Reply

    I could kiss you right now! thanks so much. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have wasted almost an entire day monkeying with my Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 & Windows 10. I don’t have funds for a new or even newer scanner so I had to make this one work …your solution did! Mahalo!

    Derrick - January 27, 2018 Reply

    Thank you Daco! I spent hours trying to resolve this issue. This worked!

    Paul - February 25, 2018 Reply

    Yup, this solution worked like a charm. Thanks.

Abigail Ava - February 5, 2017 Reply

Sometimes we get an error when we try to delete a File or a folder for no reason , but of course there is a reason.We have many damage file or blocked files.Do not worry if we want to remove the error files or too long path files from our system,here I suggest a smooth way.So use “Long path tool” software and keep yourself.

Ben - January 30, 2017 Reply

on Windows 10. Scansnap initially worked great. Suddenly stopped and provides message to check for another user or application in use. Will no longer scan. Have uninstalled and re-installed driver 3 times. Nothing changes. Any suggestions.

    Rory - February 7, 2017 Reply

    I am having the exact same issue in a 25 user office all on Windows 10. Windows still recognizes the scanner but the scan snap manager app crashes and won’t relaunch without a reboot. Minutes later an error will pop saying the scanner is in use by another program.

    Completely uninstalled, registry keys and all and reinstalled 3 times as well. Scansanp manager fails everyday.

    Shane - February 9, 2017 Reply

    The exact same thing happened to me! It worked with my old laptop that had Windows 7, but after I downloaded scansnap drivers to my new laptop, I get the exact same message. VERY FRUSTRATING.

Steve - December 5, 2016 Reply

Having wasted mandays due to repeated ‘unable to connect with scansnap due to an error in the program’s operating environment’ and usually with error code ‘(0x80004005)’ over past months with my scansnap s1300′ often with multiple reinstalls and messing around disconnecting and reconnecting cables, happy to report that after my second reinstall this morning ‘IT guys’ recommendation a few days ago (thanks) below worked – so definitely worth a try. I’m now up to well over 20 scansnap software reinstalls since purchasing this s1300i scanner a few years ago and while scanner great when it works, it is definitely the most unreliable time wasting software I have ever come across – buyers beware. Why can’t scansnap produce more reliable software or include trouble shooting instructions that work?

    Cape - August 12, 2017 Reply

    I have the exact same problem and error message. Multiple reinstalls. Still not fixed!!

Peter B - November 30, 2016 Reply

My Scansnap ix500 has never worked properly on Windows10 although I have tried to solve the problem on many an occasion. However I have now given up. It is so slow I have reverted to using my Epson flat be scanner ‘cos it’s quicker than waiting for the ix500 to warm up (maybe) produce menu (maybe) and then probably not produce the file in Organiser anyway. I have read with interest some of the suggestions on this site, but why should a so called quality piece of equipment require such tinkerings? For me, a very frustrating poor piece of equipment that I would not recommend to anyone.

    Brooks Duncan - November 30, 2016 Reply

    Have you talked to Fujitsu support about this?

Richard Schlotfeldt - November 19, 2016 Reply

We have several ScanSnap ix500 scanners at the office that work beautifully. HOWEVER, I also have one at home, attached to a computer that I share with my wife (each of us having our own account for Windows 10). I always get the message about the ScanSnap being in use by another user or application!!! It drives me nuts because the only way I can recover it by rebooting the computer. (I have tried all the hints posted online about disconnecting, moving to another USB port, etc. ) Nothing helps but a reboot. I’m pretty sure it attaches to whoever logs in first after a reboot. But it should just work for whichever user is currently active. My wife never even uses it. I suppose there must be a lock file somewhere?? HELP!!

    Annie - November 30, 2016 Reply

    I have this exact same problem. I use (and love) my ScanSnap on a work computer, where I don’t have multiple users set up. It’s so frustrating!

IT Guy - November 15, 2016 Reply

Try the following steps if your ScanSnap icon in the taskbar does not activate.

1. Unplug the USB cable from the PC
2. Close the lid of your ScanSnap so that it is not active.
3. Restart your computer.
4. After the desktop loads, connect the USB cable to a completely different USB port on the PC. Even if you have to switch it with another device, please be sure that it is a completely different port.
5. Open the lid of the ScanSnap. This should start the driver installation. Once it is complete, the ScanSnap icon should show as active so you can start scanning.

I do hope this helps a lot of people.

Candice - November 13, 2016 Reply

If your S1500 stops working all of a sudden, definitely clear your temp file, cookies, and the recycle bin.
It looks like every time you scan and rename the document, a copy with the old name is being sent to recycle. I had 21k worth of documents out there. My scan snap stopped working and would not connect nor would Windows10 recognize its existence. After dumping the temp file and recycle bin, I powered down, unplugged and replugged the S1500 into the CPU and repowered. Came on fine and is working normally (so far.) Interestingly, this issue manifested itself after last nights latest upgrade came through for Windows-10. Coincidence????

Michael Müller - October 27, 2016 Reply

Since one week or so I am spending 1-2 hours per day to get that bloody thing (S1500) running under Windows 10. The scanner served me well for a couple of years, but now I have reached the point where my psychic health is more worth than my pocket…! I will dump that device and buy another one – but for sure another brand!

    Rosalie Wallis - October 31, 2016 Reply

    I’m having the same experience, though I had similar problems with the previous Windows nightmare.

    C. J. Morgan - November 6, 2016 Reply

    I’ve had the same problems I’m reading here and was equally as frustrated, but I’m hoping I found the solution.

    I have a ScanSnap ix500 connected hard wire and wifi to a Lenovo Yoga. Got both recently. When I first hooked up the ScanSnap it worked beautifully as soon as I pressed the blue button. I scanned for hours and closed everything up. The next day I opened everything just as I did the day before but no matter how many times I pressed the lighted blue button, it refused to respond. Blinked and went steady with no sound or life inside. I unplugged the power to both, rebooted, thought it was the order in which I did it so changed the order.

    I’m not a techie but think all you have to do is open the ScanSnap Manager folder, then, open the ScanSnap Manager folder within the first ScanSnap Manager folder again. When I did that, it miraculously worked. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to do this every time I want to scan. But, I really like the scanner. pdf searchable, scan 50 pages double sided. And compact

Jonathan - October 19, 2016 Reply

I’ve been running into issues with a couple computers at work connected to a iX500 and S1300i on Windows 10. They will randomly disconnect and nothing works except for reinstalling the Scan Manager. When we were on 8.1 Pro we didn’t have any issues. Anybody have any tips or solutions?

Dianne - October 15, 2016 Reply

The infamous Windows 10 update has been installed and my Scansnap won’t communicate with the computer. I get error code 0x80004005. Have uninstalled and re-installed the software being careful to follow instructions exactly. Have unplugged the scanner and the USB multiple times. Scanner light flashes blue – won’t work beyond that. Help, please….

    Dennis Schulz - December 7, 2016 Reply

    Hi Dianne,
    I have exactly the same problem but no solution yet.

    Did you solve this?

    empresa geotermia - May 22, 2018 Reply

    Sorprendente post. Gracias por aportarlo…Espero màs…


Mary - September 26, 2016 Reply

When I pressed the blue button on my xi500 to scan a paper, the button started flashing and I got an error message that another user or application was using the xi500. This was not the case. I removed the ScanSnap manager thinking that was the problem and it would reinstall. But that did not work.

Should I uninstall ScanSnap and reinstall it? If so, does it reinstall automatically if I unconnect ScanSnap and reconnect it to my comptuter? If it does not reinstall automatically, what do I do? I very much need help with this.

Also, will reinstalling fix the problem with the blue button flashing?

Thanks for any help.

Daniel - August 30, 2016 Reply

I currently have a fujitsu scansnap s1500.

Ever since the windows 10 update, I have had on a consistent basis problems where it failed to connect.

The blue scansnap icon that should be displayed without a crossed-out mark is always deciding to stay that way.

This has been my main solution every time this occurs:
1. exit scansnap manager from the toolbar
2. run scansnap support tool
3. ‘recover’ snansnap
4. select ‘execute’
5. disconnect the usb cable from the scanner and plug it back in. Close out all the windows
6. Reopen scansnap manager.

95% of the time this has worked for me.

Other 5% of problems I’ve had and after speaking with a fujitsu tech support, recommended me this.

1. If the first solution fails to work, try disconnecting the usb cable to the desktop. See if there’s any dust accumulation. If so, clear it out and reconnect the usb cable.
2. clear out your in the %temp% folder. In your windows screen, type it into your finder.
If there are a lot of items in the folder (in my case it was >1600) it can interfere with the scansnap.
3. Empty your recycle bin, restart computer, and restart scansnap manager.

Hopefully these solutions work for you guys.

For me, scansnap is consistently deciding not to work on an everyday basis. This has been a problem since the windows 10 update and the scansnap updates have not alleviated the problem at all.

Roger - August 12, 2016 Reply

My wife and I both have S1500 scanners that we love dearly. We use them frequently. They worked fine with our identical Precision T5400 workstations running Win7, they continued to work fine after we gingerly upgraded to Windows 10 shortly before the end of the free upgrade period. Today, they both quit working. Coincidence? I think not.

I have read through the discussion here and have tried some of the possible fixes including uninstalling and re-installing the snap scan software, etc. All to no avail. I am not a computer novice. This is getting frustrating. My fall back is to install one of them on a Windows 7 machine here, but that is inconvenient for the way we use them and, besides it galls me.

I may try calling Fujitsu support, but their hours are not convenient for a few days.

Ugh, just Ugh..

Mike - August 7, 2016 Reply

Have you got a cat? Check your cables…. My cat bites through every cable I have.

Gary Duncan - July 5, 2016 Reply

Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I have had nothing but trouble with my Scansnap. With Windows 7 I had no issues whatsoever. Since I went to Windows 10, I have had communication problems. When I try to get the Scansnap IX500 ready for a scan, I get this pop up message “Make sure that ScanSnap is not being used by another application, and then try again.”
I reloaded the Scansnap manager once and got it working, but now it’s back with the same issue. Seems that there is something that is not compatable with Windows 10 in the Scansnap software. The troubleshooting steps do no good either. I am wasting hours of time trying to get a document scanned that needs to be sent off. How frustrating. So much for those promises from Microsoft that all your software will work under Windows 10, prompting you to upgrade!
I’m looking at reloading the software again, but that fix did not last the last time I did it.

    Byron - July 6, 2016 Reply

    I feel your pain. Until a few weeks my ix500 has been working fine with Windows 10 that I installed last fall. But now I’ve also been getting the “Could not use the ScanSnap. Make sure that ScanSnap is not being used by another user or application, and then try again” message. Re-installing ScanSnap Manager, which I’ve had to do twice now, seemed to be the only way to make it go away.

    Well, this afternoon I deleted my Windows temporary files and I was able to scan! I’m not sure if it was coincidence or not, but you might want to try it and see if the problem goes away for you too.

    Here’s information on how to delete these temporary files:

      Jeffrey Esser - August 28, 2017 Reply

      Byron–thank you so much. Deleting the temp files solved the problem for me!

    Mary - September 26, 2016 Reply


    I just posted above on the same problem.

    How did you reload the Scansnap manager? I deleted the Scansnap manager thinking it would reload when I reconnected my ix500 to my computer. But this did not happen.

Sean - June 29, 2016 Reply

After installing Windows 10 I am having a problem with duplicate files. I am scanning documents to a folder and they have the same name. When I do this I get a message saying “The destination already has a file named “this”. I then have to click “compare info for both files” then select both versions and it will number the file and add it to the folder. When I had windows 7 it would automatically be renamed with a number after the file name. Is there a setting in Windows or Scansnap to fix this? I know this is not a huge issue but it has added a step to scanning these forms and it’s kind of a pain when you have hundreds of these to do.

    Brooks Duncan - June 29, 2016 Reply

    That’s really odd. On the Save tab for ScanSnap Manager when you hit the File Name Format button what do you have it set to?

      Sean - June 29, 2016 Reply

      It is set as yyyy_MM_dd_HH_mm_ss. I think I need to clarify that I rename that file and drag it to a folder. I use this method to save purchase orders with the same job name. It worked really well before with windows 7. It would just number them as I scanned them.

      Sean - June 29, 2016 Reply

      Forgot to mention it is a S1500 Version 5.1 L41

marjorie - June 26, 2016 Reply

Scansnap 1500S w ver 5.5 L10.
Doesn’t connect consistently after updating to Win 10; unplugging, restarting doesn’t always work and I’m currently unable to connect. When I try using the recovery option in the Support Tools I get an “abnormal operating environment” error.
Now what?

AARON - June 22, 2016 Reply

Has anyone had issues when using scan to email with office 2016? The scanner works like it supposed to when attaching the pdf file, but when you type something in the body, it doesn’t send what you typed. It just sends the attachment but nothing else. Microsoft said its a third party issue (Scansnap Manager).
windows 10
office 2016

    Joe - August 12, 2016 Reply

    Did they tell you how to fix it? I am having the same problems.

    Nicole Smith - September 19, 2017 Reply

    Please help I’m having the same problem. Scan to Email does not work I have Office ProPlus through school and I’ve been searching all day for a solution. I don’t have another full day to keep this up!! I need my 500 dollar scanner to do what it’s supposed to!

Chris - May 27, 2016 Reply

I tried everything on this forum go get my ScanSnap S1500 working after upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and none of it worked for me. I finally gave up and called Fujitsu support. They were really great. This is what I was asked to do and it worked first time. Good luck!

– Go to Apps & Features and uninstall all ScanSnap products
– once uninstalled delete the following folders:
C:\Program Files (x86)\PFU
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\PFU

– go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > User Accounts
– Select “Change User Account Settings”
– lower the notification bar to ‘never notify’

– go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Administrative Tools
– Select “Services”
– for the following services make sure that they are a) Status=RUNNING and b) Startup Type=AUTOMATIC
a. DCOM Server Process Launcher
b. Network Connections
c. Network Locations Awareness
d. Plug and Play
e. Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
f. Remote Access Connection Manager
g. Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
h. Shell Hardware Detection
i. Telephony
j. Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)

Now download the new scansnap manager

Once you have saved this file to your desktop:

1. Double click on the downloaded file on your desktop.
a. If asked to, select ‘Run’

2. A black command/DOS prompt box will appear, extracting files and creating a folder labeled ‘ScanSnap’ on your desktop.
3. Go into your ScanSnap folder and right click on the Setup.exe file then select ‘Run as Administator’.
a. If the Administrator option is not available, simply double click on the Setup.exe to run it.

4. Follow the on screen installation prompts.
5. Before rebooting look for the ScanSnap Manager Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen by the clock.
a. If the icon is located, right click the icon, mouse over ‘Help’ and click on ‘Online update’ – then download and install updates.
b. If the icon is not found, please launch ScanSnap Manager from your Programs area, then take the above steps.
6. After the online update, reboot.
7. After rebooting verify that your Anti-virus is still disabled and that the ScanSnap Manager icon is in your tray by the clock.
8. Plug in your scanner and let it install.

If any addition ScanSnap Softwares are required such as ScanSnap Organizer or Cardminder, please fill out the following form in order to have these applications emailed to you for download.

    Lynwood Mcrenolds - February 14, 2018 Reply

    For most recent information you have to pay a visit world-wide-web and on web I found this website as a best website for newest updates.

Matt - May 25, 2016 Reply

I have been using ScanSnap S1300 for 5 years perfect… well until my computer did the Windows 10 update on it’s own… now my scanner won’t connect. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers twice. They work good until it goes to sleep or shuts down, then nothing again. Any suggestions??? I need my scanner and this is crap!

Arnold McGall - May 20, 2016 Reply

I am not able to get the ScanSnap Organizer to install. I continue to get an error message that says it can’t be installed, “This product is not available for installation on this computer”. Even using the compatibility troublshooter to install it doesn’t succeed using Windows 7 and earlier compatibility settings. I like the organizer and wish I could somehow get it to install.

Art - May 16, 2016 Reply

Running a Fujitsu Scan Snap S510 on Windows 10 using Scan Snap Manager Version 4.2 L31….works like a champ…no problems….

Chris - May 8, 2016 Reply

Upgraded from windows 8.1 to 10 on HP Pavilion 23 all in one. ScanSnap s1500 was working perfectly before the upgrade. Scanner did not work after upgrade. Un-installed Scan Manager and drivers. Re-installed latest software at 22/04/2016. Worked again until I shut down. After start-up USB detects scanner but Scan manager program does not respond. Tried everything. IMHO I believe this is a Fujitsu software issue with USB hub. Given up as I don’t have time to waste on this.

    Daniel Hüttenberger - May 22, 2016 Reply

    Same with S1500 and ix500

    Carole - May 24, 2016 Reply

    Same issue with S1500 and Dell Lattitude. I use a hub, but I stopped due to these issues and I’m plugging it directly into the computer. But I’m still having troubles. Rebooting seems to work most of the time, but not always.

richard prohoroff - April 29, 2016 Reply

x500 runnig scansnap receipts windows 10 64bit keeps closing”a problem has caused scansnap to stop working windows is searcing for a solution” Solution never arrives

Loreen72 - April 20, 2016 Reply

Been using the SnapScan 1300i since Defc 15. It’s working great!!! Well – it worked great with my Win 7 laptop. Can’t get the install to work on the Win 10 laptop. It starts the install – then just stays at the “start up initializing” or whatever the first screen says.

It seems like it tried installing b/c the apps are now listed with all the other Apps. But when I try to run the software – I get “You do not have the authority for the installation folder. Make the selected folder writable.”. I’ve checked the site and what I’ve found to correct is to uninstall and reinstall.

While the apps do show up listed with all the other Apps – they are not showing up under Apps/Programs in the Control Panel so I’ve got nothing to uninstall.

Any ideas on how to fix??

ELL - April 13, 2016 Reply

I have been a Scansnap user for almost 8 years now. After recently moving to Windows 10 I began experience the intermittent issues described here. I have performed all updates to both Windows and the Scansnap software, with no long-term fix. There is no apparent rhyme or reason as to the cause of the failure to scan (except for the cryptic “The specified destination (Image Saving Folder) is invalid” error message). The destination indicated in the Scansnap Folder Settings is legitimate (“C:\Users\myusername\Desktop”). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. WTF?

    NDboots - October 17, 2017 Reply

    You can try this:
    Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500, I loved it using it with Win 7, but now with Windows 10, and newest SnapScan Manager, I have issues with the SnapScan Manager each time Win 10 updates, and sometimes with other software updates.

    Normally I do not like to use any of the fancy software that comes with this scanner. I just want to save .jpg images or PDF, and I want them to go direct to the folder I want to save them too. But after an update to Windows my settings for the folder seems to get all goofed up. Then when I try to save a PDF, I get this message: “The specified destination (Image saving folder) is invalid”. I right-clicked my “SnapScan Manager”, picked “SnapScan Folder Settings…”, under the Save tab I have the path to my folder correct, put a year in the File Name Format, which I will add more info to file name in the save window later, hit Apply button, then Save button. Push the button on my scanner to scan, then get that dreaded invalid window. Deleting and re-entering the app sometimes fixes the problem, but sometimes it does not help.

    Today though, after another Windows update a few days ago, I wanted to use the scanner and there is that dreaded invalid window again. The folder was correct as above. But looked at all my settings and founld some changes. One I notice was on “left-click” “Profile” settings, my “Standard” option was not picked, instead the checkmark was to “My Folder”, so I checked that back to “Standard”. Tried to scan, but still got the dreaded invalid message.

    Then I hunted some more and “right-clicked” the “SnapScan Manager” and then picked “Scan Button Settings”, and under the “Save” tab the path on that went to a drive I have not used since last year???? So, I went back to look under “right-click” “SnapScan Manager” to compare/see if that was the same or not, “SnapScan Folder Settings…”, and under the “Save” tab I confirmed there that the path to my folder I picked was still correct. Sooo, obviously there are two save folder options that are not the same in the SnapScan Manager!

    So, I went back to “right-clicked” the “SnapScan Manager” and then picked “Scan Button Settings”, and under the “Save” tab I changed that to the correct path to match the other section. Then the scanner opened the correct folder to save too, with no invalid window. This is a strange problem, but when it happens, this seems to be working for me now.

Michael - April 13, 2016 Reply

I’ve been using the S300 since 2010, I’ve used it on WinXP, Win7, and now Windows 10. It may not be officially supported on Windows 10, but I’ve not lost any functionality or features with mine.

Ron - April 12, 2016 Reply

I have been using the S1100i for some time on W-7 with no problems whatsoever. Recently clean-loaded W-10. Tried all versions of manager and updates. None work. Manager will not even run now. Moved the USB to different ports, etc. Nada. Now it’s a pretty paperweight. )~8

    Ron - April 12, 2016 Reply

    Tried the special support tool and got a “Program’s Operating Environment is Unstable.” There are no strange programs loaded; mostly MS progs and other mainstream things like browsers.

Mo - March 26, 2016 Reply

I am having a problem with the Scan button when the scanner ix500 is connected over the wifi. When I press the scan button, it flashes four times and nothing is scanned. I have Windows 10 and scansnap manager is running and connected to the scanner.

I can successfully scan from scan manager while on wifi or if I connected the scanner directly over USB, the scan button works fine.

    SCP - May 24, 2016 Reply

    I have the same issue. Were you able to get it resolved? I even uninstalled and reinstalled ScanSnap Manager.

    The iX500 will scan when pressing the button only when connected via USB. If I am connected via wifi (the ScanSnap icon in the system tray shows with a wifi connection), the button just flashes 4 times. I am only able to scan if I right click on the ScanSnap icon and select Duplex or Simplex scanning.

    I’m also on Windows 10.

Andrew - February 10, 2016 Reply

I have Windows 10 64-bit, with a ScanSnap S1100. I have a KVM that I use for my desktop and laptop. My ScanSnap is connected to a 4 port powered USB hub. It is a Vakoss and has been very reliable.

Because of switching through the KVM, I believe, I frequently lose connection to ScanSnap Manager. The last few days I was unable to reconnect until I did the following. This assumes that you had it working at some point.

Exit ScanSnap Manager.
Use the Scan Snap Support Tool and Recover Scan Snap Connection.
Disconnect ScanSnap
Reconnect ScanSnap
Driver should start loading. In my case it continued to fail. When clicking Troubleshoot, it would go through the routine, tell me to reboot, but it would still say the driver was not loaded (“ScanSnap S1100 doesn’t have a driver – Not Fixed, Your PC needs to be restarted – Detected”).
Go to Control Panel => Devices and Printers
I would see my ScanSnap in Unspecified section at the bottom.
Navigate to the C:\Windows\SSDriver\SSMini directory. Right click on S1100-x64.inf and select “Install”.
The driver should now be loaded.

    Chris - February 16, 2016 Reply

    This worked great for me when moving to a USB3 hub!

VM - January 17, 2016 Reply

I have ScanSnap IX500. Ever since upgrading to WIN 10 when scanning larger documents (more than 10 pages) the computer shuts down and automatically reboots in the middle of the scanning job. does anyone else has this problem? any solutions?

Bernadette - January 8, 2016 Reply

I have a SnapScan S1300i – cannot get it to work with windows 10. Have tried re-installing drivers, doing all online updates…everything. My most essential peripheral is now useless. Any recommendations of other scanners to try with Windows 10?

Tom Bird - January 8, 2016 Reply

I installed Win 10 several months ago on my notebook and my ScanSnap S1500 is working perfectly. Guess I was just lucky?

David Mozer - December 27, 2015 Reply

Very Critical Point for anyone having issues in getting their ScanSnap S1500 working under Windows 10 is the Account Type used. If you are logged into Windows 10 using a Microsoft Account you MUST change to a LOCAL Account Type.

    David Mozer - December 29, 2015 Reply

    The Critical point I made should have been in reply to my original message where the 1st paragraph included “Had a devil of a time getting my Scan Snap S1500 to work under Windows 10 …. in my case the solution is simple.” — so please take note and follow the STEPS I suggested —- sorry for the confusion. 🙂

    Les - January 9, 2016 Reply

    I don’t know what that means (local account). I am the only user on my laptop, now running Windows 10. I have full user privileges. Once I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, my ScanSnap Manager stopped working. I’ve upgraded the software, run all the tests, deleted/reinstalled driver, changed cables, etc. NOTHING WORKS! What can I do now to get this essential device working again?

David Mozer - December 27, 2015 Reply

Had a devil of a time getting my Scan Snap S1500 to work under Windows 10 …. in my case the solution is simple.

1. uninstall all the ScanSnap applications and REBOOT immediately THEN after login make sure to delete any PFU references found in your system. You will find PFU references in Programs Files (X86), in [users]your account\AppData/Local and Roaming folders — Make sure that your S1500 Lid is closed in the down position.
2. Change Your Account type to Local …… assuming you are using a Microsoft Account
3. Restart your Computer and once logged in now install ScanSanp Manager V5.1L30 and following that install ScanSnap Manager Update Pack (V5.1L81)
4. REBOOT then login to your Local Account and wait for 3 minutes after which you can now Lift the Lid on your S1500 …. you should now see a notification that your S1500 is ready to scan.
5. Close the Lid and now proceed to install the rest of your SnapSan applications you rely on.
6. Test your S1500 to make sure all functions you rely on are working to your satisfaction.
7. if all test pass NOW you can switch from your Local Account to your Microsoft Account
8. Once in your Microsoft Account Test again.

Hope this helps you.

Jamie Gilmore - December 18, 2015 Reply

I can’t get the ScanSnap Manager V5.1L30 driver to install on my SurfaceBook. It downloads fine, then runs thru the install process in a DOS looking window, but at the end of it all, nothing is installed.

I have tried several times with the same result.

Fokke - December 13, 2015 Reply

Have a S300. Fresh Windows 10 machine. Installed the S300 using the installer from the Fujitsu website. Followed the instructions and results is a working S300 under Windows 10 32bit. V4.2. No problems so far.

John Lord - December 9, 2015 Reply

ix500 ran flawlessly under win7, usb wired to computer. Since the win10 upgrade, the connection is wonky and unusable; haven’t been able to make a searchable pdf scan at all. I have reinstalled the software, am using the latest version (downloaded), etc. No joy. I was very glad to stumble upon this site and discover other people having the same problem.

I will now try the File Repository cure. I do agree that Fujitsu has made a major mistake.

    John Lord - December 11, 2015 Reply

    Did finally get it to make a pdf, then scanner disconnected and has remained disconnected ever since, despite reboots, etc. Running SSDrvRepair- x64.exe simply produces a popup saying the scanner is not connected. Similarly, Windows shows a scanner logo for the ix500, but says it is not connected. Yet, how could it have scanned a document if it was not connected??

John - December 1, 2015 Reply

I have a scansnap s1500. Worked for awhile under Win 10 but stopped working after the win 10 upgrade. Error message says no drivers present. Uninstalled and fresh reinstall from factory CD updated and same error message looks like Win 10 removes the drivers for the s1500. I haven’t tried tinkering with permission yet. Maybe tomorrow. such a pain!

Roy - November 30, 2015 Reply

After installing BitDefender (coincidence?) on a Windows 10, my IX500 is giving me the invalid destination directory error message (even if I select Desktop) as my destination.

    Jason - September 16, 2016 Reply

    Double check your ransomware protection. Allow scansnap.

      hassnan khan - October 24, 2017 Reply


      I had the same issue when i installed bitdefender and low and behold, i checked the bitdefender settings and it had scansnap blocked . I unblocked it and scan is now working again.

Roy - November 30, 2015 Reply

After loading Bitdefender, on Windows 10 using IX 500, I am getting the invalid destination folder message (even if I select desktop).

J Batterman - November 18, 2015 Reply

I have a scansnap ix500 and am running windows 10. The scansnap manager appears incomplete and it is only showing the upper left hand portion of the entire manager screen. I am not able to change settings (e.g., where the documents are stored) or make any changes that typically would be in the right hand or lower portions of the manager box. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software and there is no change. Any suggestions would be terrific.


    Tom - December 8, 2015 Reply

    I’m having the same issue. Did you find a way to resolve this?

    Steve Mathey - January 4, 2016 Reply

    I have the exact same problem. I cannot change settings in the manager because they are not visible. Only the top left 1/2 is visible. Running ix500 on Dell XPS15 4K display, Windows 10. Is there a fix for this?

      John - July 18, 2016 Reply

      Same problem here. App just wasn’t designed to handle hi-PPI display. Sloppy for a scanner!

      Anyone know of a workaround?

    dahl - May 17, 2016 Reply

    Same issue on a 1500 on windows 10. Scans fine but can’t change auto rotate setting because I can’t see it in manager menu. Have run the latest fujitsu driver update but still no dice.

Daryl - November 9, 2015 Reply

Since upgrading to Win 10, my iX500 and Scansnap manager has slowed so much it is unusable. I have scanned 100,000 documents on Win 7. I have contacted Fujisu and carried out all of their recommendations (uninstall, reinstall manager, disc clean up,) all to no avail. I had scanned about 50 pages with win 10 with no problems, then it slowed down. I now struggle to open manager, and I have to press the scan button(some times the light flashes once, sometimes 4 times) several times before it eventually feeds the pages through. Having read the comments below I have reinstalled the software using Win 7 compatibility mode, no success. All Fujisu can suggest is a clean install of Win 10 , I’m not sure that will solve the problem, and don’t want to go to all that effort without some guarantees. Anyone any ideas as to a solution.

    Shelley - January 7, 2016 Reply

    Daryl, did you ever get your iX500 working reliably under Windows 10? I have researched to no end, and you are the only person I’ve found who is having the exact same problem as I am … where the Scansnap works, but very slowly. When trying to left click on the Scansnap Manager to change a profile, it takes over 10 seconds for the menu to come up. It used to take 1 minute and 15 seconds, but it’s down to 10 seconds after trying all the suggestions in this thread (reinstalling, changing permissions, etc.). Likewise, it takes 10-15 seconds for the scan to start after pushing the button. Under Windows 7, the scan started immediately, and I didn’t have problems with the left and right click context menu taking forever to pop up on the Scansnap Manager. Thanks for all the ideas in this thread.

      Tim - July 9, 2016 Reply

      I am having the exact same issues as described here. I would love to find a solution as it is wasting soooo much time.

      John - May 11, 2017 Reply

      Shelley, I have exactly the same problem with my IX500 Win10 since this week. Scansnap Manager hyper slow. You have a solution?

    Mo Chi - January 31, 2018 Reply

    I called Fujitsu and the solution to the super slow ScanSnap manager was very simple.

    Go to ScanSnap Support Tool. Then “Investigate” tab. Under “Change ScanSnap Manager Log Level”, if your current level is “normal.” Change it to “Detail.” And if your current level is “Detail”, change it to “Normal.”

    Mine was on detail and as soon as I change it to normal, and then rerun the ScanSnap Manager app, things were back to normal speed.

Mark Hawkins - October 29, 2015 Reply

two new win10 computers with ix500, both would lose communication after several hours that could not be restored without reboot. Tried setting win 10 power to always on, no change. Solution was to uninstall scansnap manager and re-install using win 7 compatibility mode. Has been flawless since.

browse to scansnap cd> software> right click setup.exe select troubleshoot compatibility> troubleshoot program>worked on previous version>win 7 > install and confirm.

Chris - October 27, 2015 Reply

Been troubleshooting this for days, clean install of windows 10 and ix500 does not work. Driver has yellow question mark, and says code 28. I ran the program C:\Program Files (x86)\PFU\ScanSnap\Driver\SsDrvRepair\SsDrvRepair-x64.exe and it gave an error the operating environment was abnormal. Looking in the log file for this, it stuck on

[10/27/15 21:18:45] FindCheckFile: GetFileAttributes[NOTEXIST] szFindFile = C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\usbscan.sys
[10/27/15 21:18:45] SsDrvRepair.exe: SsDrvPkg_Check CheckCondition=-7

I found the usbscan.sys file in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\sti.inf_amd64_1a1c37966f0bcaba and copied it into C:\Windows\System32\drivers, did a reboot and my scanner started working again!

    Brooks Duncan - October 28, 2015 Reply

    Awesome thanks for the tip Chris.

Terry Kinder - October 26, 2015 Reply

New install on new Windows 10 computer. The S1500 software download V5.1L30 from the Fujitsu site will not run. You have to have it to make the V5.1L81 update run. I’m stuck. Worked great on Win 7.

Brecht - October 7, 2015 Reply

I just updated to windows 10, and updated the drivers for my IX500. After some Bitdefender-related hickups, I managed to get it to work. However, when I try to delete a scanned file in the Scansnap Organiser, Windows 10 plainly states that I have no permission to delete the file, even though I have full administrator rights over the folder. Anybody know how to solve this?

    Lisa - December 12, 2015 Reply

    I was having the same problem, and I found this post on another website. It worked for me.

    Open Explorer
    Indeed, its the preview pane. What a maddeningly simple way to waste a lot of time, arg. Thanks for the tip . Assuming you’re in Windows (8, 8.1) go into View in the folder, click on Details Pane instead of Preview Pane and you can delete the file in question.

Gerrit - October 5, 2015 Reply

I have a strange problem with my scansnap S1300i in Windows 10. When I try to scan to e-mail it gives a error that outlook is not set as standard program (and a popup sending to e-mail failed and was cancelled). But I have set outlook as the standard program so I don’t know what is wrong. On another windows 10 program I don’t have this problem.
Any idea how I can solve this?

John - September 27, 2015 Reply

It’s a headache.

I’m using the S1300i. ScanSnap manager stopped working after installing Windows 10. Ran ScanSnap update, which had no discernible effect. So I uninstalled, then installed the latest version (V6.5L20). It worked fine for several days – until this morning, when an error notice appeared on bootup saying that Manager would have to be uninstalled and reinstalled again.

Glenn - September 24, 2015 Reply

I have a wonderful fi-5110EOX2 that worked great for many years with Win 7. Now that I have upgraded to Win 10, it does not work. Can you provide some guidance. Nothing on the Fujitsu website says anything about support beyond Win 7

FredP - September 23, 2015 Reply

I had the same problems with my scansnap ix500 for weeks with windows 10. Unistalled, reinstalled new version. Nothing worked. It worked when connected via USB, but wireless would not work, ever.

But then I checked the firewall. I turned it off. tried to scan, and it worked! So i turn on the firewall and made sure Scan Snap was checked, so the firewall would let it through, and now scan snap works great wirelessly.

    Brooks Duncan - September 23, 2015 Reply

    Thanks! Great tip!

    Bruce - January 16, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for the tip. In my case, scansnap was connected to the scanner over wifi and I could scan if I initiated it from the PC, but pressing the button on the scanner resulted in it flashing a bit and then nothing. But turning off the firewall is not a great solution to a scanning problem.

    I dug a bit deeper, and it turned out that my wifi was connected as a Public network, and by changing that to Private in windows network settings, it all worked with the firewall turned on. Which is a good thing, because disabling the firewall is not something you want to do unless you really know what you’re doing.

Patrick - September 21, 2015 Reply

I have finally managed to get my Snapscan ix500 to work, along with Snapscan Organiser. It seems to be related to Permissions in Windows 10. Give full access permissions to Everyone to the folder where Scapscan Organiser does its stuff. That seems to solve the unable to save issue. Hope that helps people.

    Brooks Duncan - September 21, 2015 Reply

    Thanks Patrick!

    Dave - September 24, 2015 Reply

    Permissions appears to be the key. Opened the properties section of the install folder and changed permissions.. Tested and works like it should. Enabled Automatic Startup in Tasks and now I don’t eben have to reboot to have the program work.Thanks for the help.

      Brooks Duncan - September 24, 2015 Reply

      Thanks for the report Dave!

Dave - September 18, 2015 Reply

My ScanSnap 1300 worked almost flawlessly under Windows 7, not so great under Windows 10 upgrade. Was a major headache for me. Uninstalling and installing numerous times. At one point, the software left me in a catch22, would not uninstall the upgrade until I uninstalled the original. Huh? I had to go back to my original CD. Found a great tool, SSClean.exe. This allowed me to uninstall existing program. Then I did an install from original disk, then the update. Worked the first time I lifted the lid of the scanner. After that though, No Worky. This was the only constant. I refused to have to reboot each time I wanted to scan something. After a week, and by chance, I looked at the Administrator privileges. User privileges were limited. I edited the privileges to match Administrator but, still does not work correctly. What I do now….Open the lid of the scanner, Right click on Scan Manager and click on Run As Administrator, scan the items and then have to exit the program. This is done each time I want to use the scanner. Better than rebooting. There must be an answer in here somewhere.

Taylor - September 15, 2015 Reply

Since the Windows 10 upgrade my S1500 hasn’t worked. The light comes on, shuts off after a few second and the ScanSnap Manager application shows it is not connected. I updated both ScanSnap Manager and Organizer after Fujitsu’s Compatibility Status announcement. Still didn’t work. So I uninstalled, reinstalled and it still no luck. I contacted Fujitsu’s Technical support and was pleased to speak to someone in the USA who was very helpful. However, my scanner still wouldn’t work and they put me on with a Level 2 Tech. In Device Manager, right clicking the scanner and going to properties the “Device Status” window showed a “Code 28” error and something to the effect of “an interactive window is required”. The Level 2 tech went to C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository, right clicked the “s1500-x64.inf_amd64_ff718616e5120c3b” folder, clicked Properties, then the Security tab. He had to change the permission on the folder to allow everyone to access it. After that, he selected to reinstall the driver from the Device Manager window and my scanner now works. Hopefully this will help someone else!

    Brooks Duncan - September 21, 2015 Reply

    Thanks so much Taylor!

Derek Morgan - September 13, 2015 Reply

I have a ScanSnap S510 which would not work with Windows 10. Uninstalled Manager for S510, disconnected scanner, installed ScanSnap Manager for iX500 scanner and reconnected S510. Scanner now works fine. Organiser for S510 works fine too.

    Steve Bachman - September 22, 2015 Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have gone round and round with Fujitsu and all they tell me is that my S510 is no longer supported. I had a problem with this as this scanner is still working perfectly. Will try this technique for sure.

      Ralf - October 14, 2015 Reply

      Found this out by tryin’ for my S510 on Windows 10 too.
      Don’t know why Fujitsu isn’t annoncing this officially 🙁
      …and I hope they won’t code it out of the soft…

Keith Fenton - September 10, 2015 Reply

I to am going through the Specified Destination ( image saving folder) is invalid problem .
I have tried the saving to desktop .
I have tried the permissions thing .
It still persists .
I had my Friend our I.T. guy at work have a go via remote and he got it to work all be it that between scan to organiser there was a couple of windows pop up that never did before.
After he got off , the notification that there was an update came up so I installed it , then it went back to the same problem . I can`t work it out to get it back to where it was before the update being of very limited computer geekdom .
I will get my bud back on to see what can be done and when he does make some notes and gladly forward them back here . Hopefully though ,there will be answers to this problem sooner .

    Brooks Duncan - September 10, 2015 Reply

    If you haven’t already, it may be worth you (or your buddy) reaching out to Fujitsu’s support. Especially now that the update is available. You can reach them at Hopefully they can help too.

      Keith Fenton - September 10, 2015 Reply

      Thanks Brooks for the very prompt reply . lol I did forget to put in the post my machine is the iX500 . but still I will give the Fujitsu support line that you supplied a try . Thanks

Sassy - September 3, 2015 Reply

I didn’t read this post the first time around because I had not updated to Windows 10 at the time. Then I updated and forgot that there might even be an issue. It took me a bit to get things going but I attributed that to not having had the Scansnap 1300 in use for a long time. Then I started on a photo scanning photo project (I’m visiting my sister for an extended time) and have scanned a couple thousand photos already with no big issues — and I just expect little issues with any tech item (I am kind of the klutzy tech type). So at this point, I am wondering if I even need to download the updated drivers? Since I’ve had none of even those little issues for the last thousand photos. But perhaps it updated automatically? Now you have me wanting to get back to the scanning project just to check on that one.

    Tony Fitzpatrick - September 3, 2015 Reply

    If it ain’t broken – don’t try and fix it! I would leave alone until/if you get a problem.

Brooks Duncan - September 2, 2015 Reply

Hi everyone. It looks like Fujitsu has released the new drivers. Check your Online Update and/or the updated links in the post. Please let us all know how it works for you.

Bruce - September 1, 2015 Reply

windows 10 upgrade turned off my scansnap iX500 and the scanner on my HP Officejetpro 8600 premium. I am not pleased but expect or hope that there is a fix for this, Scansnap update? It has also removed the icon from bottom..

Tony Fitzpatrick - August 31, 2015 Reply

My S1100 works well with Windows 10. However it will then stop working and fail to connect to the ScanSnap Manager. The ScanSnap troubleshooter is no help. A reboot solves the problem… until the next time. Irritating.

Mary - August 27, 2015 Reply

Installed Windows 10 last week. Scansnap S1500 was working before upgrade, but not after. Uninstalled and re-installed the program, it started working again.

Coworker also had the exact same issue and solved through uninstall/reinstall.

M B - August 27, 2015 Reply

I just upgraded to win 10. my scansnap s1500 stopped working. The blue light comes on but switched off in about 10 secs.
Thanks for your suggestion. I did the ‘online upgrade’. ( Now it is working.

Ken - August 26, 2015 Reply

W10, Scansnap S510, work horse! Out lived my computers? Don’t you think I’d PAY YOU FOR THE DRIVER? Wake up! You’re terminating satisfied customers.

Produce my driver & charge me for it. I’ll pay.

AptBruce - August 26, 2015 Reply

I fixed the “The specified destination (image saving folder) is invalid” problem by using file manager to change security on the save to folder. For some reason, Windows 10 must alter security on document folders. Right Click on the folder, Click on the Security tab, Select your user name or Administrators (if you are the administrator on your system), click Edit. In the edit window, select your user name or administrators (if you are the administrator on your system), click the full control box and Apply. It will adjust all the permissions on the folder and any files inside the folder and subfolders. ScanSnap works properly after the proper (full control) permissions are granted.

James - August 26, 2015 Reply

For the applications that are stated as “will be supported” in the following table, compatibility status for the OS will be informed after the middle of August 2015. (iX500)

I suppose technically this is now after the middle of August but then so is 25th December so who knows when they’ll make drivers available for a lot of their machines. I have an old S510 chugging along very well in my 2nd office (dining room) which isn’t going to be supported in Win10.
I purchased my iX500 as a result of my positive experience with the S510 and wonder if Fujitsu are missing a trick by failing to support some of their older scanners as happy customers tend to buy from companies that support them I would have thought?

    Karen - October 7, 2015 Reply

    I found a fix on-line for the S510 today and just implemented it–and it works:

    1. Turn off and disconnect the S510.
    2. Download the software for the iX500–which you already have!
    3. Install the iX500 software.
    4. Turn off your computer and reconnect the S510.
    5. Restart. Your PC will find the S510 and install it.

    There are some differences I see–namely the iX500 has wireless capability, which the S510 doesn’t have, but at least I am back in business with the functionality that I’ve depended on.

Bruce - August 25, 2015 Reply

I have an FI-5110EOX2 and it no longer works when I updated to Windows 10. The Fujitsu website shows that 64 bit support stopped at Windows 7

    Peter - September 24, 2015 Reply

    My FI-5110EOX worked fine for several weeks after the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, then without warning stopped working yesterday. Tried reinstalling everything without success. Pity that hardware still working flawlessly.

Natarajan Murugesan - August 24, 2015 Reply

iX500 scans to a laptop PC upgraded to Windows 10; however an error message says ScanSnap was folder not found and allows to browse and select the ScanSnap folder. Then says do not have permission to the folder even though I have administrative privileges to the laptop computer.

How to resolve this issue?

Jason MacDonald - August 24, 2015 Reply

I have a ScanSnap ix500. It would fail to scan, so I went to uninstall the software and reinstall a new driver to be sure. I uninstalled, then reboot the machine as directed by the uninstall wizard. After the reboot, I went to install the new software and it said that the uninstall was still in progress and to reboot to complete. After doing this 3 times, (each time taking a further step to remove any trace of the program., i.e. deleting the PFU files from program files, and as far as deleting all mentions of the software in the regedit.exe. Please assist if anyone has had and resolved this issue.

N. Cline - August 21, 2015 Reply

I have the ix500 and it seems to work great and haven’t noticed any issues.

Andy Rink - August 21, 2015 Reply

I’ve been running ScanSnap S1300i fine in Windows 10 for a while, but today, I noticed the driver was being installed by Windows 10 as if it had never seen the scanner before. After that the blue light just blinks, never solid. The scanner is connected via USB.

Steersbylitning - August 21, 2015 Reply

My ix500 won’t scan. The icon for the Quick version has the red line through it. I upgraded from Windows 7 Home. I am connected via USB.

What makes this more annoying is that I talked to tech support before I upgraded (on a different subject), and, since I had already seen some reports that it wasn’t working with Windows 10, asked. They said it should work. What they failed to say was that there was a fix in progress but it wasn’t yet released.

Jack Adams - August 20, 2015 Reply

Oh yeah….ix500

Jack Adams - August 20, 2015 Reply

I just did a fresh install of Windows 10 (64bit). I downloaded the latest ScanSnap Manager for Windows 8.1. It installed cleanly and scans just fine….Now to download Abby Find Reader….

Larry - August 20, 2015 Reply

I have a scansnapS1300i and I cannot get it to run with Windows 10. I did the update but it still does not work!! The light continues to flash on and off. I did all of the diagnostics and nothing. I love this thing and it worked flawlessly before the Win 10 update! HELP!!!!!!!

Jamison - August 20, 2015 Reply

I can say I’ve been using the ScanSnap ix500 since i upgraded to WIn 10 and after a few small adjustments – some of which I may have had to make when initially installing on Win 8, it has been flawless.

I am wondering for those who are having so much trouble, are you using it wired or wireless? I am wired and have not had any issues. I also did a clan install of Win 10.

I am using the scan to ABBYY scannable pdf method in the scan button settings (and using only the scan button) and it is working well. I am happy to help anyone who might benefit from me checking on my settings, etc.

Bill - August 19, 2015 Reply

I installed Win 10 a week or so go and my iX500 never seemed to notice the change. Runs as smooth as ever.

Brooks Duncan - August 19, 2015 Reply

Question for those of you with the iX500/iX100 where it “doesn’t work” with Windows 10 – what issue are you getting? The “specified destination … is invalid” message or something else?

    Patrick - August 19, 2015 Reply


    Yes, that’s the message I get. However, by saving to the Desktop (only – no other destination seems to work) the scanner will scan. (Thanks to Bob discovering that)

    Automatically, Scansnap organiser kicks in, but any action invoked in that on my machine has zero effect and in fact the scan is deleted. The only way I have found to make it work is to close the organiser, decline the file deletion option and work using the Windows organiser to rename/move files. Cumbersome.

    I think, but have not tried, deleting all the Scansnap software to see if I can bypass it, but as I have reached a state of being able to function again, I don’t want to risk it all.

    Just keeping my fingers crossed that Fujitsu produce something soon. I have been very happy with their product until now.

    Hope that helps

      Brooks Duncan - August 19, 2015 Reply

      Thanks Patrick. I hope so too.

        James - August 19, 2015