ScanSnap SV600 Available on Amazon

ScanSnap SV600 Available on Amazon

ScanSnap SV600 MagazineAs promised in my ScanSnap SV600 review, I’ve been keeping my eye on the online sites to see when the SV600 would start being available.

I just noticed that at the time of writing, the new scanner has popped up on Amazon Prime.

Here are some other countries’ availability:

If you buy a ScanSnap SV600 through any of those links, you’ll be buying me a (small, Vancouver prices being what they are) lunch. Thanks so much!

If you’ve found it online and shipping elsewhere, feel free to leave a comment and give us a heads up.

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David J Miles - October 28, 2013 Reply

Just ordered one via your Amazon UK link so hope you get a good lunch! Price had dropped from about £790 a couple of days ago to £580 so could not resist any longer. Thanks for your review it seems just the thing for dealing with my wife's books that she will not cut up.

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