ScanSnap SV600 And Accessibility For The Visually Impaired

ScanSnap SV600 And Accessibility For The Visually Impaired

ScanSnap SV600When I did my initial review of the ScanSnap SV600, I focused mostly on the device’s book and object scanning capabilities.

In the comments, a few readers had questions about its suitability for users with visual impairments. How does the SV600 fare with accessibility in mind?

Serendipitously, Jordyn Russell did a post over on the ScanSnap Community in which she interviewed Terry Blosser, a PSU student and ScanSnap user who also happens to be visually impaired.

Given Terry’s significant difficulty reading printed materials, the SV600 has quickly become an indispensable tool for him. In addition to using the SV600, Terry uses several other adaptive technology programs to assist with reading.

It’s a good read and talks about his workflow scanning and having material read to him. Check it out if you have questions about the ScanSnap and accessibility.

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