Quick Capture With IFTTT

Quick Capture With IFTTT

TelephonesIn the latest issue of the DocumentSnap newsletter, I talk about how I use an iOS app called Drafts for quick capture.

I asked what Android folks do for capturing notes and action items without paper, and awesome DocumentSnap reader Harvey Levine shared his workflow.

I use shared recipe 635, which is called “Note to Self”. This recipe lets you connect your IFTTT phone number to your Gmail account. When you call the IFTTT phone number, you are asked to leave a message. After doing so, your message shows up as an email in your inbox, translated into text. In case some of the text is garbled, the email also contains a link to an mp3 file of your message so you can hear what you actually said on the phone.

To make it easy, I have a shortcut on my Android phone’s home screen that will dial the IFTTT phone number. So tapping the shortcut and talking at the beep is all that is needed to send yourself a text note.

The nice thing about using IFTTT for this is that you can modify the recipe to do whatever you want instead of having it send you an e-mail. You could have it dump the information into Evernote, for example.

Sadly IFTTT’s phone number is United States only so I can’t try it myself, but you could do something similar using Siri on iOS or Android Assistant on Android.

Thanks Harvey for the tip. Here is a link to the recipe he is using.

How do you capture notes and action items electronically, if you do?

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