PDF Files Can Be Dangerous

PDF Files Can Be Dangerous

A large percentage of posts here on DocumentSnap are relating to creating or processing PDF files in some way. However, there’s a dark side to PDFs – or more specifically, using outdated PDF reading software on your computer.

The Lawyerist blog has a writeup on the topic, and points to a scary ZDNet article that reports that a huge percentage of exploits in 2009 were related to malicious PDF files.

Make sure your internet browser, and PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader) are updated to the most current version to limit attacks from malicious PDF files. A recent report indicates that more and more hackers are exploiting security issues in PDF readers.

Aside from the predictable Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux wars in the ZDNet comments, both are a good read.

Make sure your Adobe Acrobat Reader is always updated!

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Micah Jamison - March 20, 2012 Reply

Hey, are you able to recommend any good cheap pdfhosting services? Warm regards

Sarah - April 15, 2011 Reply

Is there a good reason to use acrobat over preview on a mac?

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