Paperless Classroom Tools

Paperless Classroom Tools

Classroom DesksI don’t know how, but it seems like 75% of the kids on my son’s soccer team have parents that are teachers.

Because of this, and because I am terrible at small talk otherwise, I have become more interested in paperless classroom topics.

I just came across this list by DailyGenius: The 8 Essential Tools For Your Paperless Classroom.

How do you decide which of these tools, nearly all of which are marketed as a ‘must’ and the ‘best’ for your classroom, will work well and be worth your time and effort?
You have other people try out the apps for you, and recommend the best ones. We’ve put together this roundup of the 8 essential tools for your paperless classroom after years of being in the edtech industry and talking to tons of teachers, administrators, app developers, and more.

I like the list because it isn’t just the usual suspects (Evernote!). There are some new-to-me tools on there like ScreenChomp and Socrative.

Are you a teacher or do you have kids in school? Any other tools you have used or seen to go paperless in the classroom? Share in the comments.

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