Online Backup Dating Game: Mozy, Jungle Disk, or Wuala?

Online Backup Dating Game: Mozy, Jungle Disk, or Wuala?

I always appreciate it when people put their decision-making and evaluation thought processes online when making a purchase. It helps not only them (to write it out) but the rest of us too.

I came across this post by Jonathan Camp over at irondojo where he runs through his evaluation of Mozy, Jungle Disk, and Wuala.

I don’t like making backups, but I do enjoy trying out new software (beta, if possible). Over the last several years I’ve used a number of backup systems; the merits of each I will attempt to describe here.

It’s an incredibly thorough and helpful writeup of his three contestants. Which one did he choose? You’ll have to read to find out. If you’re in the market for an online backup provider, it’s worth it.

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