Send Completed OmniFocus Tasks To Evernote

Send Completed OmniFocus Tasks To Evernote

OmniFocus Task ReportThis is one of those posts that is only going to appeal to a narrow slice of DocumentSnap readers, but I’ve been using the heck out of this AppleScript lately.

Import an OmniFocus Completed Task Report into Evernote via AppleScript.

This OmniFocus AppleScript allows you to specify a time frame (e.g. Today, Yesterday, Last Week, etc.) of completed OmniFocus tasks to export into Evernote.

Yep, that’s pretty much what it does. It’s fun (and sometimes sobering) having a report saved every day of the tasks that I actually completed.

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Chinarut - March 5, 2015 Reply

nice to be part of this narrow slice 🙂

I’m new to your blog so feel free to point me to an older article if you need to…

I used OmniFocus from 2008-2012, and after 5 good years, OF bursted at its seams making 2013 my gap year. by Oct, I decided Evernote was the way to go and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve been experimenting to what degree I can coordinate my tasks in Evernote and it’s working a lot better than i anticipated.

I still have OF on the shelf and really curious if you could share more about how your Evernote tasks (if you have any) interface with your OF tasks and if you use anything like TaskClone as gluework and what the experience is like for you.

I realize there are mission critical tasks that probably should be put in a clean slate of OF at some point and at the same time, still keeping it at bay as the beauty of Evernote is how well it adapts and flows (and not so much about precision)

hope this makes sense and would love to hear any insight you, Boby, or anyone else might have to provide!

Boby - February 19, 2015 Reply

Now this was a welcome piece of information. I am required to provide weekly updates at close of business on Thursdays. I copied this Applescript into the editor, compiled it and ran it from OmniFocus this afternoon. It made my collection of update bullets so much easier. And they are archived in Evernote for as long as I desire to collect them. Thanks Brooks.

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