Make Your Backup Plan Bulletproof

Make Your Backup Plan Bulletproof

Super Mario BulletWe all know that we need to back up our computers, but for businesses it is arguably even more important.

Besides learning about the different types of backup, you want to put together a comprehensive plan.

Over at IT Business Edge, there is a great list of the top 8 ways that small and medium businesses can “bulletproof” their disaster recovery plans.

Chances are your company will have to deal some sort of crash, but a crash doesn’t need to include data loss. That’s why it is vital to have a solid recovery plan in place, and the time to do it is when everything is going smoothly. Then, when the inevitable happens, you might panic a little bit, but it won’t be devastating because the data will still be there for you.

It should be noted that the list was put together by the CEO of Code 42 software, which makes CrashPlan, but the list itself should apply to any online backup service. I especially like the “sync does not equal backup” section.

We’re about to head in to 2012 – do you have your backup and recovery plans sorted out?

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