Mac Power Users on DEVONthink

Mac Power Users on DEVONthink

One of my oldest son’s many soccer practices lasts for two hours, and the field is surrounded by a track. During his training, I’ve started walking around the track so that I can pretend I’m doing something athletic while everyone around me is playing soccer or doing sprints.

This is a perfect time to get caught up on podcasts, and this week I finally had a chance to listen to the recent Mac Power Users episode on DEVONthink.

David and Katie are joined by Gabe from MacDrifter, and it’s a great episode. I’d say that if you are thinking about DEVONthink, this show will help you figure out whether it is or is not the right tool for you.

Spoiler: Like Gabe, I also recommend that if you are thinking about using DEVONthink for document management, the Pro Office version is worth the upgrade.

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