LaCie bundles Carbonite - Best of Both Worlds

LaCie bundles Carbonite – Best of Both Worlds

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One common argument is whether it is better to back up to an external hard drive, or better to use an online backup service. In fact, I wrote an offline vs. online backup post a while ago.

What doesn’t get mentioned a lot is that a lot of people (myself included) do both. It looks like LaCie and Carbonite are getting together to recognize that.

I haven’t seen anything on their websites about it, but Gizmodo is reporting that any LaCie external hard drives purchased after October 15th are entitled to a year of Carbonite service free.

Recognizing the importance of secure digital media for both consumers and professional users, LaCie has partnered with Carbonite, Inc., an innovator in online backup technology, to ensure that each LaCie drive purchased will be bundled with their award-winning services.

For one year following software installation Carbonite will automatically backup the LaCie drive by finding new and modified files, encrypting them twice before leaving the original workstation, then transmitting them by HTTPS (SSL) to a secure data center, where the information remains encrypted, protecting the user¹s privacy. Additionally, backups are completed only when the computer is idle, so the process never interferes with computer performance.

I think this is a really smart move on LaCie’s part. Online backup services are getting more and more popular, so instead of trying to fight the inevitable they are embracing it. Clever.

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Jwade - September 26, 2009 Reply

I recently purchased a Lacie 2Big NAS device and saw an option for a free year of carbonite online storage for the drive when I set it up. I planned on going back on setting that up after everything was in place, but now I cannot find the option anywhere any more. ??? Anyone point me in the right direction?

Brooks Duncan - October 29, 2008 Reply

Yeah I think it’s a really good deal. I haven’t heard anyone run into any problems with putting “too much” stuff into Carbonite.

As long as you have the time to upload it, I’d imagine you’re fine.

Nick Renard - October 29, 2008 Reply

Great stuff! Free online storage with a drive. Me likee! I’ve had a few LaCie drives and I was looking to buy a NAS. This way I can backup ALL my stuff!!!! I just hope it’s as unlimited as they say cause I happend to have a lot of sh……….. ;-P

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