How Screenwriter John August Writes

How Screenwriter John August Writes

Big FishI am always incredibly fascinated by the way that people do their jobs.

Whether it is a writer, a TV producer, a bartender, or what have you, I love watching people go about their routine, and if that is not possible, I love reading about it online or listening to their podcasts.

In that spirit, I recently came across (I believe via Shawn Blanc) this post by screenwriter John August: My daily writing routine.

Aside from a fascinating look at how a screenwriter operates, there are some great paperless workflows in the post as well.

Every morning, I send what I’ve written to my assistant to type up. I used to fax pages, but on this last trip I just photographed the pages with my iPad and uploaded them to a shared folder in Dropbox. It’s simple, and guaranteed backup.

He also goes into how he uses hard drives for clone backups, including using a product I wasn’t familiar with before, the Voyager Q.

Of course, he is also a big fan of the ScanSnap S1500M as well as Evernote. I also like how he singles out, for Mac users, using the built-in Preview application for managing documents. This is something I have written about a number of times before.

Because it’s included with system software, Preview doesn’t get the attention it deserves. You can easily rearrange or delete pages in a PDF with it, or combine multiple documents. It’s amazing and overlooked.

All in all, great post. If you have other examples of great “workflow” type posts, I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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