How Long Does Storage Media Last?

How Long Does Storage Media Last?

Broken FloppyOver the past few months, I have had two different external hard drive failures.

Nothing big lost as I am psycho about backups, and neither of them held my actual documents, but still – it hit home how easily storage media can fail.

The folks over at CrashPlan, the online backup provider that I use, put together this infographic showing the lifespan of different types of storage.

Now, obviously the infographic is meant to show that the cloud is better, but even if you disagree with the “Cloud backup is forever” line, it is still an interesting look and for me at least, a trip down memory lane.

Any fellow former 5.25" floppy users out there? Anyone else remember the Click of Death?

Here’s the infographic. You can click for a bigger version:

Backup Storage Media Lifespan Infographic

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