Hazel Paperless Webinar Update

Hazel Paperless Webinar Update

Go Paperless With Hazel

Back in November 2012, I held a webinar called Going Paperless With Hazel for members of my Paperless Action Plan online course, and anyone else who felt like attending.

Since then, those who have wanted to check it out has been welcome to do so, and I’ve had a lot of great feedback from viewers. I’m glad it has helped so many Mac users automate their paperless workflow.

Recently, Noodlesoft released Hazel 3.1 which has some amazing new features including the ability to go inside the document, figure out what the date of the document is, and use that date for naming the file. It’s pretty crazy.

This is such a fundamental feature for going paperless with Hazel, I decided to record a 10 minute update for the webinar building on the examples that we used and going through the new features. It even includes some stuff that is so new I haven’t posted on the Blog about yet.

If you have purchased the webinar, you should be receiving an e-mail with a link to the update. If it doesn’t show up, let me know.

If you haven’t purchased the Going Paperless With Hazel webinar and it sounds like something you might benefit from, feel free to head on over and check it out.

Click here to learn more about the Go Paperless With Hazel webinar.

Now if only Noodlesoft would please stop innovating, it will make my life a lot easier.

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