Going For A Paperless Life

Going For A Paperless Life

Mike Elgan over at Computerworld has written a pretty good article about taking the paperless concept out of the office and into his every day life.

It’s a good overview of how he does it and the tools that he uses. There are some DocumentSnap favorites in there.

As a kind of “lifestyle experiment,” I’ve been trying to completely eliminate paper as a data storage medium for the past six months. I’ve gotten rid of most check-based bill paying, moved most of my reading to digital forms, nearly stopped paper mail from coming to my house, eliminated paper records and nearly purged all paper-based files. I’ve gotten into the habit of literally photographing anything with words on it that I might want to remember later, and uploading them on a service I’m going to tell you about.

I’m now ready to declare my experiment a success.

The biggest upside to going paperless is that finding information is more like a Google search and less like a scavenger hunt. But I’m also a lot more productive and waste a lot less time, and my life is a lot less cluttered.

The tools that the author uses to take his life paperless are Evernote, Shoeboxed, Earth Class Mail, reQall (that one is new to me), and of course the Amazon Kindle.

Great article. Check it out here.

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