12 Days Of Paperless Gifts – Paperless and Gift Cards

12 Days Of Paperless Gifts – Paperless and Gift Cards

12 Days Of Paperless GiftsThis is Day 12+1 – Bonus! in a 12 Post series: 12 Days Of Paperless Gifts. If you know someone who could use some help going paperless, or if you’d like to drop some hints, this series is for you. Don’t worry, the regular DocumentSnap tips will still be flowing.

OK, I know there were already 12 days, but it’s getting close to down to the wire if nothing else has sparked an interest. It is time to start thinking about gift cards. To be honest, I love receiving gift cards. That way, I know I will be getting something I want. If that’s wrong I don’t want to be right.

Amazon Gift Cards

If you’re in a country with Amazon.com, a good choice is an Amazon gift certificate.

That way, they have a bunch of stuff to choose from (see many of the previous items in the 12 Days series), and you are saved the stress.

iTunes Gift Cards

If your special someone is an iPhone or iPad user, they might appreciate an iTunes store gift card, which can be used for music and apps. I know whenever someone asks me what I want for Christmas, I just say “iTunes cards”.

Click here to go to the iTunes Store

There are some people who are more in the “holiday card” category than the “buy a present” category. You might have received electronic cards back in the day and found them tacky, pop-upy, and ad-filled.

Not anymore. There are some e-cards now that are actually pretty nice, and I’ve sent them myself.

Paperless Post

I usually use Paperless Post, which actually has classy e-cards. If you want to be paperless and not scare or insult your recipients, it is worth checking out.

Click here to check out Paperless Post.

Another option that I have received and have had recommended are Jacquie Lawson cards.

Happy holidays!

Brooks Duncan

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Karen - December 23, 2015 Reply

I agree that gift cards are very welcome — I can choose exactly what I want/need (and no more “stuff,” which I think all us paperless people are paperless in the first place).

Thank you for another interesting year of posts and tips. Happy holidays!

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