Evernote for Genealogy Webinar

Evernote for Genealogy Webinar

Evernote on AndroidFollowing up on the genealogy theme we had recently, I came across a presentation by the folks at Fiddler Studios about using Evernote for genealogists.

When you think about it, Evernote is a great tool for this. As they say on FamilySearch:

Most family history enthusiasts can be found in their basement, in lighting similar to a pre-historic cave, with a slight glow on their face from a computer screen (If you still aren’t using a computer for family history… um… we should talk). Surrounding that computer are piles. Surrounding those piles are file cabinets. Surrounding those cabinets are shelves full of binders. All these items may be an important storage for your research but are less effective because they are based on A-Z. I have news for you – your brain doesn’t do things A-Z.

You can watch the Evernote for Genealogy webinar here.

The first few minutes are an ad for Fiddler’s services (fair enough), but once the content gets going, it is quite interesting.

Does anyone out there use Evernote to track their family history?

(Photo by Johan Larsson)

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