Doxie Go Gets A Nice Update

Doxie Go Gets A Nice Update

Doxie Go TurbochargedAs readers of the DocumentSnap newsletter know, I’ve been travelling this week so it has taken me a few days to post this. It looks like the Doxie Go has a nice new update.

You can read my original Doxie Go review here, and here is what is new:

  • You can now scan paper up to 15" in length, so you can scan legal-sized documents. Yay.
  • Dropbox integration is now built in to the software.
  • Hellofax integration is built in, so you can send faxes.
  • Basecamp integration is built in, so you can scan to a Basecamp project
  • You can now buy the wi-fi card only ($30), there is a new carrying case ($29), and a worldwide power adapter ($10).

If you’re an existing Doxie user, the Dropbox support, Hellofax integration, and Basecamp integration are available as a software update.

The legal scanning will be available for existing Doxie Go customers via a firmware update in July. They have a notification signup form if you are interested in that. I definitely am, because my son’s school is incapable of sending any piece of paper shorter than legal size.

I may be working on something special for you guys, so stay tuned!

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