Doxie 2.7 Workflow Improvements

Doxie 2.7 Workflow Improvements

Doxie IconOf all the scanner manufacturers, the one that pays the most attention to software UI (in my opinion) is the folks at Doxie. One thing I appreciate about them is they are always trying to improve the way the product works, even when they don’t have a new scanner model to release.

Case in point is Doxie 2.7. They added a few new features but also recognized that it was a bit cumbersome to process a large number of scanned documents in the Doxie software, so they set out to improve that.

I grabbed my trusty Doxie Go and headed to my local Starbucks where people were staring at the weird person scanning magazines while they downed their Chestnut Praline Lattes.

Google Drive

Google Drive

The Cloud button now has an option to upload to Google Drive along with the existing Dropbox and Box options. Like those services, Upload is not exactly the correct verb here. What it does is save it to the Google Drive folder on your computer, and the Google Drive app is the one that actually does the uploading. That’s just a nerd distinction though.

Improved Naming And Processing Workflow

Under Doxie’s Preferences menu, you can set a default file naming scheme. The default (at least for me) is a counter, but you can set it to a Date/Time stamp as well.

Doxie Name Preferences

Once I imported my scans, they all are saved with my name and date stamp.

Doxie Named Scans

If you double-click on one of the files, you can adjust the image and if you want you can name it here. One nice improvement in 2.7 is you can now resize the window if you need a bigger view of the image thumbnail.

Doxie Adjust Scan

You can name files that way, but you can do it faster and easier in the main Doxie window. Click on one of the documents and you can name the file right there. Then you can just hit the Tab key on your keyboard and jump to the next document and so on and so on.

Doxie Save Original Scan

Save The Original Scan

Another nice new feature is the ability to save the original scan. If you’ve made some adjustments to a document, you can still get at the original version by going File > Save Original Scan.

Doxie Save Original Scan

I like updates like this – nothing earth shattering, but workflow tweaks that make things faster and easier for the users. If you are a Doxie user and haven’t been prompted to update yet, you can grab Doxie 2.7 here.

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Roy - November 18, 2014 Reply

Hi Brooks. Is the Doxie software compatible with ScanSnap hardware?

    Brooks Duncan - November 19, 2014 Reply

    Not as far as I can tell. It’s designed to work with Doxie scanners.

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