Don't want to do the scanning? Try Pixily

Don’t want to do the scanning? Try Pixily


As everyone knows, I am a pretty big fan of scanning in documents. But what to do you do if you don’t have a scanner, or don’t want the hassle of actually sitting there scanning stuff in?

Pixily is a service that will take care of that for you.

For documents that you already have digitized, you can upload Word docs, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and Powerpoint presentations. They will then OCR them on the server and store them so that you can search and retrieve them later.

Where Pixily differs from other similar services though, is their mail-in option. You can subscribe to a plan where they give you pre-paid envelopes and you can send them your documents. They’ll take them, scan them and OCR them, and mail you back the originals (they say they’ll have a shredding option soon).

Obviously there is a cost to this, and the usual security concerns that people have about putting their stuff in the cloud, but if something like this is appealing to you it might be worth checking it out. I’d love to hear from someone who has actually used it what their experience is.

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