How To Disable Dropbox badge in Microsoft Office

How To Disable Dropbox badge in Microsoft Office

I have nothing against Dropbox, but when I am using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) I find it annoying to have the Dropbox icon floating there on the right of my window. It’s called the Dropbox badge, and I am sure it is useful for some people but not for me. Here’s how to disable Dropbox badge in Microsoft Office once and for all.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, open an Office document that is stored in a Dropbox folder. You’ll see the badge on the right.

Disable Dropbox Badge
Disable Dropbox Badge

Here’s how to disable it. Click on the badge and you will see the “Meet The Dropbox badge” window. Down at the bottom is a Preferences link. Click there.

Disable Dropbox badge - preferences
Disable Dropbox badge – preferences

It will open up the Dropbox preferences pane, and you’ll see there is a Dropbox badge dropdown. You have three options.

Dropbox badge options
Dropbox badge options

If you want to disable it entirely, choose Never show. If you only want it to show when you are collaborating with someone on that document, choose If others present. Otherwise, you can leave it at the default of Always show.

Once you choose Never show or If others present and close the window, the Dropbox badge should disappear. Boom.

If you want to bring it back again, go to the Dropbox preferences on Mac or Windows and change it back to Always show.

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simon - May 31, 2019 Reply

Doesn’t work for me. On the Setting screen, where you have a dropdown, I get ‘Dropbox badge cannot be displayed’ in red. Yet every time, it’s there and as annoying as all hell. Any ideas. I don’t want to uninstall and install it’ll take days.

    MC - June 4, 2019 Reply

    I agree with simon. I get the same message and can’t turn off. anyone have a suggestion? I hate this thing and will get rid of dropbox once and for all if not fixed. Thanks

      Simon - June 4, 2019 Reply

      Hi. I fixed it finally. So I went to settings-/accessibility. Clicked on the lock and opened it with password, there’s a tab somewhere with Dropbox and you have to click that on I think. Then in the preferences off the Dropbox icon on the top of your screen you should get the drop down menu that allows you to turn it off.

        Eric - July 18, 2019 Reply

        Thank you Simon 🙂

Snappified - May 7, 2019 Reply

Thank you SO much Brooks! As with Derek, I was going bonkers too – and I only use Word under duress to begin with! That badge popping up all the time was very annoying. I was surprised the pref was not in Word itself; one would think Word should have some sort of control over what little fleas can take a free ride on its hide, no? 😉

Derek DeVries - December 15, 2017 Reply

THANK YOU!!! I was going bonkers trying to find this in the “notifications” tab of the preferences menu.

emily watson - December 13, 2017 Reply

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EAVO - September 8, 2017 Reply

Aah, thanks!

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