Delaware Law Blog Has Great Paperless Tips

Delaware Law Blog Has Great Paperless Tips

Though I am neither a lawyer nor live in Delaware, I’ve been enjoying some of the posts on the Delaware Employment Law Blog written by Molly DiBianca.

The author writes some really useful stuff that would be useful for any law firm considering the switch to a digital office, or as digital as possible.

For example, Preparing to Make the Switch to “Almost Paperless” touches on the costs and resources needed to transition to a digital office. The answer: for an established firm, it may not require much at all.

Making the Switch to Digital: Legal Research is a great and indepth runthrough of how to use Adobe Acrobat to make legal research easier. Even if you’re not a lawyer, the Acrobat tips are really useful.

If you work in a law office, or even if you are just considering moving your office to some sort of “almost paperless” workflow, I recommend checking out Molly’s posts.

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