Connect Expensify To QuickBooks To Export Your Expenses

Connect Expensify To QuickBooks To Export Your Expenses

ExpensifyWhen I travel, I like to scan my receipts into a service called Expensify. It makes it easy to capture the receipts, and the service automatically extracts the information and makes it easy to put into an expense report.

I wrote about how I use Expensify with my receipts here.

The other day, I came across an ability of Expensify that I wasn’t aware of. Apparently you can have Expensify export to QuickBooks.

Why would you want to this? According to them:

To save a bunch of tedious typing! All of the expenses on the report will be added to your QuickBooks company file, categorized into their expense account (from the category of the expense), and tagged with their class or customer/job (from the tag of the expense). If direct deposit is already set up for your account, the outstanding expenses can be reimbursed and then exported to QuickBooks in one seamless step!

Sounds pretty good to me. I am not personally a QuickBooks user, but if you are, it may be worth checking out. There is some initial setup to connect QuickBooks to Expensify, but once that is done, you can export away.

Does anyone use this? How does it work?

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