Choose A Scanner

Choose A Scanner

You need a trusty tool to turn those beautiful pieces of paper into an image that looks great to your eyes and searchable by your computer.

You also want it to be fast and easy to use.

This may be controversial, but right off the bat I am going to say forget flatbed scanners. They will (theoretically) do the job, but it is a pain to have to do one side at a time for every piece of paper that you have.

Despite your good intentions, the whole thing will fall off the rails pretty quickly unless you are extremely disciplined (which I am not).

What you want is a scanner that does scans both sides of the page (aka duplex) and has an automatic document feeder (something that lets you put a stack of paper in the scanner and go).

My favorite is the Fujitsu ScanSnap. Why? It takes different sizes of paper and scans 2 sides with the touch of a button. Just throw what you want to scan in and hit the 1 button. Simple simple simple and fast.

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