Carbonite Remote File Access Lets You Get Your Files From Anywhere

Carbonite Remote File Access Lets You Get Your Files From Anywhere


Most people know that Carbonite is a good solution for backing up your PC or Mac. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that you can also access your backed-up files on the go.

A while ago, Carbonite rolled out their new Remote File Access feature.

To access it, go the Carbonite homepage. Up at the top right you will see a link for Remote Access.


Once you’re in there, you can see the files have backed up for your computer(s) and you can navigate the tree view.


There are a few limitations to this. A few types of files can’t be accessed or downloaded via remote file access:

  • Windows Encrypted Files
  • Mac Package Directories (such as the application packages in the Applications folder)
  • Files backed up by Carbonite version 2.3 or earlier (if you started backing up with Carbonite in late 2007 then you have 3.0 or higher).

When you’re using online backup, is having remote file access like Carbonite an important feature for you? Or would you prefer a vendor not have it at all?

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