Amazon Kindle Finally Goes International

Amazon Kindle Finally Goes International

kindle-300px._V251249384_.jpg Many people think that there are two classes with respect to the Amazon Kindle: those who don’t understand it, and those who can’t live without it. However, there has been a third group that doesn’t get talked about as much: those who live outside of the US that covet it from afar.

Well, now for many of you in the third group can rejoice: Amazon has released a “US and International” version that will work in around 100 countries, and Amazon will ship the Kindle to those countries as well (!).

The US and International Wireless version is the same as the 6″ US Wireless version (not the DX). It has the same 8″ x 5.3″ x .036″ size, and (at the time of writing this) it is $279 USD which is a $20 premium over the US version.

Alas, the Kindle is not available in all countries. I went through the DocumentSnap server logs to see what the top countries that people come from, and decided to check out if the Kindle is available.

Keep in mind that this is as of October 14, 2009. So if you are reading this after this date, you should go to the Kindle page and check for the latest information.

Canada: No (really?!)

United Kingdom: Yes!

Germany: Yes!

France: Yes!

Switzerland: Yes!

Australia: Yes! (you need to order from a special page though)

Japan: Yes!

Netherlands: Yes!

Belgium: Yes!

China: No

Italy: Yes!

Sweden: Yes!

For your country, or to check the wireless coverage map for where you are, check Amazon’s Kindle page and search for your location.

Sorry Canada, along with having no Hulu, no MiFi, and no Obama, you still get no Kindle love.

For you users from the rest of the world, are you going to jump on getting a Kindle now that you are able to? Anyone in a country that doesn’t have the Kindle yet? Any US Kindle lovers want to share their experiences?

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