Use Adobe Acrobat to Batch Print Email

Use Adobe Acrobat to Batch Print Email

Acrobat XFollowing on yesterday’s news that the ScanSnap S1500 now comes with Acrobat X, I thought it would be apropos to post an Acrobat tip.

Over on the Acrobat for Legal Professionals blog, Rick Borstein has what looks like a really useful tutorial for using Acrobat to create a big searchable PDF from an email archive.

Acrobat X includes an email archiving feature (see video for demo) which allows you to convert an entire folder of email into a single, searchable PDF, complete with attachments. I previously wrote about this feature in my post “Creating Email Portfolios for Small EDD Productions”.

Owning neither Windows Acrobat nor Outlook I can’t try this trick myself, but hopefully it will help some of you.

Do you archive email to PDF? How do you do it?

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bawilliamson - December 22, 2011 Reply

One of the most frustrating things about Adobe and Fujitsu is that the Acrobat software included has never been the same. Mac users should demand a rebate or initial cheaper price from Fujitsu. I was pleased to receive the pro version of Acrobat when I bought my 500M five years ago, and I have since upgraded to Acrobat Pro X for the Mac. But this brings back the kinds of frustration that Mac users had to endure for so long. Fujitsu and Adobe are treating Mac users as second class citizens.

The other dirty little secret with Fujitsu is this allows them to inflate their price beyond what is reasonable. If someone already owns Acrobat Pro 9 or X, they cannot get a discount on their purchase of a 1500M, can they? And once you have bought the 1500M and used it for many years and have the Adobe software, you cannot upgrade to a newer model at a discounted price. It's full price whether you need the software or not. This is dishonest and unethical behavior, and a kind of blackmail, since the ScanSnap technology really is something most people can benefit from. I know mine has been very helpful.

If I was the lawyerly type I would suggest a class action lawsuit to force Adobe and Fujitsu to behave more responsibly.

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