OCR AppleScript For Adobe Acrobat X

OCR AppleScript For Adobe Acrobat X

Once upon a time, Mac author Joe Kissell wrote an AppleScript that would allow you to automatically OCR PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat 8.

Back in 2008, I turned that Acrobat OCR AppleScript into a Droplet and posted it to the site.

Since the release of Acrobat X, I have received many many (have I mentioned many?) requests for an Acrobat X version of the script.

Unfortunately, this has been difficult for two reasons:

  1. Acrobat X is notoriously challenging to script
  2. I don’t own Acrobat X

Fortunately, the aforementioned Joe Kissell comes to the rescue yet again. As part of his excellent Take Control Of Your Paperless Office, Joe provided his readers with an update that includes OCR Applescripts for Acrobat X.

Joe was kind enough to share this update with DocumentSnap readers, so if these scripts help you out please do me a favor and go buy Joe’s Ebook. It really is great.

(Photo by Aurelian S─ândulescu)

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tsolignani - December 27, 2012 Reply

Do you know whether it is working with Acrobat XI? Thank you.

    tsolignani - December 27, 2012 Reply

    It does not, I just tried it. That's due to how Adobe moved action out of menus in XI. Maybe there is a workaround, but that's beyond me. Should you know how I can set watch folders with Acrobat XI, please drop me a line, I would love to be able to. Thank you.

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