Mavericks Tagging In The Wild

Mavericks Tagging In The Wild

MavericksBack when OS X 10.9 Mavericks was announced, one of the big features (to some anyways), was the addition of built-in file tagging. This led some, myself included, to wonder what that would mean for the current tagging “standard”, OpenMeta. Would they play nicely together?

Tom Anderson from Ironic Software (one of the creators of OpenMeta) answered quickly:

It appears that the technical under – the hood implementation of tagging in OS X 10.9 is more than very similar to the methods used by OpenMeta tags. This is good in two ways, as it promises a clean and simple transition, and the other is that we knew we had it right 5 years ago when we started working on a unified tagging solution for the Mac.

Now it is starting to look like OpenMeta-enabled applications are starting to support Mavericks tags, and they appear to have the ability to work with both and even merge the two.

Ironic has released Mavericks optimized versions of their applications such as Yep and Leap:

I have been using the Mavericks Finder and its tagging facility is limited and simple. That said, any tag you apply with the Finder in Mavericks will show up in Leap or Yep and visa versa.

HoudahSpot has a first beta of their tool available (hat tip Brett Terpstra for that one):

When running on Mavericks, HoudahSpot 3.8 will tag files using both Open Meta and Mavericks tags.

Has anyone tried working with Mavericks tags yet? Have you converted your OpenMeta tags over? Leave a comment and let us know how it is going.

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