How To Use An iPad In A Legal Setting

How To Use An iPad In A Legal Setting

A while ago I posted a roundup of popular PDF readers for the iPad, but as I didn’t (and still don’t) have the device, it was a little light on first hand experience.

You can’t say the same for Kyle McDonald over at Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?. He has posted an incredibly thorough 4 part (and counting) series on using an iPad in legal practice.

This is the place where using the iPad can really make a difference for lawyers and advocates — and judicial officers too.
The important thing is that the iPad has to help not hinder the advocate. I confess that there are some things that an iPad or computer doesn’t do quite as well as paper: for example, having a brief open and at the same time having a notebook open while you take notes; or photocopying a page.
But so long as you understand its limitations and benefits, it can be extremely helpful in the court.

As I said, the series is very thorough, taking you through:

  • Choosing which iPad to buy
  • Online storage
  • Software
  • File structure and naming
  • iPad apps
  • Getting information on and off the iPad
  • File sharing
  • Printing
  • Actually using the iPad in court

The author of the blog is in Australia so some of the specific legal documents he mentions are obviously from that country, but I’d imagine the workflow is transferable to any country.

I recommend checking his series out if you are interested in using an iPad in pretty much any legal or business setting.

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