Compare Your Documents Online With CompareMyDocs

Compare Your Documents Online With CompareMyDocs

compareMyDocs.png I’m sure you’ve been there… someone sends you a bunch of documents and you need to figure out which one is the latest, or what the changes are between them.

There are a number of tools to do that, but if you just want to do a quick and dirty comparison without messing around with a bunch of software, enter

CompareMyDocs is a free service (in Beta) that lets you upload .rtf, .doc, or .docx files and do a simple comparison.


The interface is dead simple. Select which files you want to compare, hit Compare, and it will load them up and show you the differences.


It only works with documents that don’t have a lot of formatting like tables etc., but it’s still a cool concept to check out.

If you need to compare documents, how do you do it?

(via Lawyerist)

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