Tim Ferriss, Fujitsu ScanSnap Troubleshooter

Tim Ferriss, Fujitsu ScanSnap Troubleshooter

Many of you might be familiar with Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week.

He has talked about getting a Fujitsu ScanSnap before, but the other day on Twitter he ran into a problem:


Here is the error he was getting:

I have to say, the solution he came up with isn’t one I would have thought of:


So there you go. If you get the TIme-out occurred during communications. (0xd0020004) error, try rolling the pick rollers. Or, call Tim Ferriss.

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Al Olby - August 4, 2014 Reply

Thanks for the tip. I got the same error message on my ScanSnap S1500m and just rolling the feeder roller seems to have fixed it. Much appreciated!

Ted - August 10, 2012 Reply

I have uploaded mountain Lion. Since then I rarely can scan more than one page before it "time-out occurred during communication. (0xd0020004)" I have rolled the large middle roller, but the two lower see through rollers cannot be moved. Any suggestions?

    Brooks Duncan - August 11, 2012 Reply

    Hi Ted, haven't heard of that one. I'd start by making sure you have the latest ScanSnap drivers for Mountain Lion, and then maybe trying son's different USB ports/cables? Other than that, you may need Fujitsu support's help on this one.

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