Go Paperless With Hazel Webinar

Go Paperless With Hazel Webinar

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How would you like it if your Mac could automatically name and file your paperless documents for you?

The least fun part of going paperless isn’t necessarily the scanning. It is naming and filing the documents. What if there was a way to have your computer do the work for you?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]One way to do this for your recurring documents is an amazing tool called Hazel by the fine folks at Noodlesoft.

I’ve received many questions about how best to use Hazel to go paperless so I decided to do this webinar showing how I use it and to answer reader questions.[/text_block]

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Go Paperless With Hazel

Webinar Format & FAQ

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”940″]The Go Paperless With Hazel webinar has already taken place but you can watch the recording as well as the Q&A. I’ve been told that it was extremely helpful.

The Go Paperless With Hazel Webinar is a one hour and seven minute webinar. I take you through how I use Hazel to do my paperless processing and answered participant questions.

You can watch the recording online or download it to your computer for later viewing. There is also a PDF handout with screenshots of all the Hazel rules that I show so that you can recreate them yourself.[/text_block]

  • q-iconWill Hazel Do All My Filing For Me So That I Never Have To File Another Document Ever And I Can Spend My Time Catching Up On Breaking Bad?

    Possibly not. Applications like Hazel work best for recurring documents and documents that lend themselves to “rules”. If the majority of your documents are one-offs, you may still need to file them manually as our forefathers did.

  • q-iconI’m On Windows. Will This Help Me?

    Hazel is a Mac application. There are Windows applications like File Juggler which do some of what Hazel does, and some of this might apply, but definitely not all of it. You are of course still welcome to purchase the recording, but we will be specifically talking about Hazel.

The course was excellent, I learned a lot about Hazel that would have been hard to figure out by myself. Glad I bought it.

Ken B.

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I’m committed to your satisfaction with this class and want to make sure it’s a fit for you. If for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with the Go Paperless With Hazel webinar you are welcome to a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t feel this webinar will help you go paperless just let me know and I’ll gladly refund the full price.

What Do Others Have To Say?

Very useful webinar on how to best use Hazel.

Pierre S.

I feel mastering Hazel in conjunction with the ScanSnap scanner is the key to successfully going paperless. Automates a lot of work!

Norman B.

Helped ease my organization tremendously.

Kyle L.

I’ve had Hazel for a few years but was only cleaning out backup files, downloads and my trash bin. Setting up an inbox folder on my desktop for easy renaming, tagging and filing of documents is turning out well for me.

Bobby F.

Thank you so much for your interest.

If you have any questions about The Go Paperless With Hazel Webinar, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

To your paperless success,

Brooks Duncan

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”10″]Hazel is a product of Noodlesoft LLC.. The Go Paperless With Hazel Webinar is not endorsed sponsored or owned by Noodlesoft in any way though I think their software is pretty great.[/text_block]