Organize Your Documents

Organize Your Documents

So you have your files scanned, now what do you with them?

It’s not enough to save your documents – you want to be able to find them later.

Here’s what I recommend you do:

  1. Set up an organizational structure that works for you, your life/business, and your documents. You can start with some high-level categories and go from there.
  2. If it makes sense for you, try out some document management software packages. Most of them have free trials. See which one you like best. Remember – you don’t need to buy software. Many people very happily use files and folders on their Mac or Windows computer.
  3. Make your documents searchable. This way you can find them by the contents of the files, not just the name.

If you need additional help, let me know where to send it below and I’ll send you my free 4 Ways To Tame Your Documents guide.