Evernote Reaches... Three Meeelyon Users

Evernote Reaches… Three Meeelyon Users


Just read over on the Evernote Blog that the company has reached three million users as of the end of April.

We’ve got a pretty sophisticated monitoring system at the Evernote datacenter that’s constantly watching over our servers, databases and load balancers. At the slightest hint of trouble, it sends out pre-configured alerts and our 24/7 operations team springs to appropriate action. A few days ago, the following alert flashed across in-boxes and cell phones all over the company:

PROBLEM: 3 Millionth User Alert
Severity: Warning
Holy crap, 3,000,000 Evernote users!

And we sprung, although this time the appropriate action was to have a drink.

That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment, especially since it only took them four months to go from two million to three.

Congratulations to the Evernote team. Well deserved.

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