Can A Company Go Totally Paperless?

Can A Company Go Totally Paperless?

Paperless DeskWhen I do talks about going paperless, I often tell the audience that it isn’t realistic to go totally paperless. It’s one reason that I’m not a big fan of the word paperless itself.

It turns out that a digital agency called Idea Rebel has proved me wrong, and to make matters worse it is a local company here in Vancouver.

There was recently an interesting article in the Globe & Mail about the company: How one company went completely paperless.

In it the article describes how the company has taken going paperless so far that there is no printer, and no paper is supplied to the employees whatsoever.

Mr. Garratt says that going paperless would have been impossible a decade ago and it was even difficult five years ago, when he started the business. It’s thanks to technology, though, that he’s been able to be free of paper for this long.

Even paper contracts are banned. I guess this is one case where I don’t mind being proved wrong.

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