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Reader Story: Adding Amounts To Document Filenames

This post is part of the paperless stories feature at DocumentSnap. Some stories are from readers that have successfully gone paperless, some are still going through it. Would you like to share your story too? Today’s featured DocumentSnap reader is Sophie Perreault from Quebec, Canada. What problems were you trying to solve by going paperless? […]

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Will ScanSnap S1100 Software Play Nicely With Older ScanSnaps?

I have a theory, based on no data whatsoever, that Fujitsu is going to sell a lot of ScanSnap S1100 scanners to people who already have another ScanSnap. Your average home or small business user will most likely not need multiple scanners, but I could see people who travel a lot, visit client sites, or […]

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Top 10 Going Paperless Products Of 2010

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great one and are ready and roaring to go for 2011. As part of my annual review, I was looking back at my logs for sales through Amazon.com, and I thought you might be interested in the top 10 products that DocumentSnap readers bought through Amazon […]

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Use Adobe Acrobat To Add Pages To An Existing Document

Sometimes rather than creating new PDF files every time, you want to scan to an existing document. Over on the ScanSnap Community, they’ve posted a helpful video showing how to use Adobe Acrobat (which comes with the ScanSnap S1500) to scan to Acrobat and then add the pages to an existing document. The video is […]

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ScanSnap and Hazel Is A Match Made In Paperless Heaven

There are a lot of tricks out there for keeping your documents organized based on their location or filename, but the holy grail is to be able to keep them organized based on the actual contents of the documents themselves. I have written before about how the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500, the S1500M and the S1300 […]

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Fujitsu ScanSnap: How Are The S1300 and ScanSnap S1500 Models Different?

I get asked this question quite a bit: “What is the difference between the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 and the ScanSnap S1500 series?”, and then the logical followup: “Which should I buy?”. I decided to put together this blog post for me to point people to, so here is a rundown of the differences between the […]

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Do You Want A Hand-Lacquered ScanSnap? Of Course You Do

I happen to think that the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 and S1300 are pretty good looking machines, as far as scanners go. But sometimes, I want more. Like for example, it would be nice to have a bird hand-painted on it. Well, it’s my lucky day. PFU, which is the division of Fujitsu in Japan that […]

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Scan to Evernote in 1-step with a ScanSnap « Evernote Blogcast.jpg

Fujitsu Offers To Buy You An Evernote Premium Account

   So I know that I posted about Evernote just a few days ago, but I couldn’t possibly let this go by without letting you guys know about it. Evernote and Fujitsu cut a deal where if you buy a ScanSnap S1500 (for Windows) or S1500M (for Mac) and then sign up for an Evernote […]

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Why Is ScanSnap Organizer’s Search Box Greyed Out?

Most of you know that I typically use Macs more than Windows, but in the process of doing some consulting work (more on that later), I have been spending more time using the Windows programs that come with the Fujitsu ScanSnap. For starters, I want to say that I really like ScanSnap Organizer. I wish […]

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Doing OCR Batch Processing Using The ScanSnap And ABBYY FineReader

Sometimes, when you have to scan a large number of documents at once, the step of doing OCR (making the PDF searchable) after each document can really slow things down. It may be preferable to scan them all in and then OCR them all in one big shot. In the past I have posted about […]

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