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Photos Video Field Guide

My recent post about family photo scanning was great timing, because David Sparks (creator of many awesome Field Guides – I’m a big fan) has created a new Video screencast called the Photos Video Field Guide. It covers the new Apple Photos application and syncing your photos between your Apple Devices using iCloud Photo Storage. […]

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Mac Power Users on DEVONthink

One of my oldest son’s many soccer practices lasts for two hours, and the field is surrounded by a track. During his training, I’ve started walking around the track so that I can pretend I’m doing something athletic while everyone around me is playing soccer or doing sprints. This is a perfect time to get […]

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PDFpen 7

When I am working with PDFs and doing something beyond just viewing and simple manipulation, the application I use on my Mac is PDFpen. I’ve been using it for years. Smile just came out with PDFpen 7, and it has some nice updates and a few cool new features. (By the way Windows folks: PDFpen […]

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ScanSnap On Yosemite – Your Experience?

So OS X 10.10, called Yosemite, is out. Whenever a new release of an operating system (Mac or Windows) is released, there is always that nervous period where you try to figure out if there are any glitches with the software and hardware that you are currently using. I will probably be installing Yosemite this […]

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Fujitsu ScanSnap: Stop Progress Window Popping Up On The Mac

After you press the Scan button on a Fujitsu ScanSnap, a progress window pops up showing you what the scanner is doing. If you, for whatever reason, don’t want that to happen, you can turn that progress window off on the Mac. Over on the ScanSnap Community, they have a helpful tutorial for toggling this […]

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EagleFiler Is A Great Mac App For Going Paperless

A Mac application that has been on my to-do list to check out for years is EagleFiler. I know that a lot of DocumentSnap readers use it to go paperless, so I finally decided to take a look. I don’t know what took me so long. You can class EagleFiler as an “everything bucket” application. […]

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Mac Users – Save Browser Tabs For Later And Take Action

Browser tabs, amiright? For those of us old and/or geeky enough to remember when tabbed browsing first became available, it was a godsend. No more stacks of never-ending browser windows all over the place. Of course, we still have the same underlying problem. We still have too much stuff open in our browsers; it has […]

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Fix Mac Spotlight Not Searching PDFs

I received a Twitter question from awesome DocumentSnap reader (and awesome sculptor) Carol Griffin. She had a strange issue – after she upgraded to Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, her scanned PDFs were not being indexed by Spotlight, and therefore she could not find them via search. After trying some 140 character-at-a-time troubleshooting (“Are the […]

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Automatically Password Protect PDFs On The Mac

Occasionally, readers will ask me if there is a way on the Mac to automatically password protect a PDF, or even better encrypt a group of PDFs. I always figured that this was something that could be done using Automator, but have never had the chance to sit down and figure it out. Fortunately, now […]

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How To Install An Alfred Workflow

Recently I posted an Alfred Workflow to Select A ScanSnap Manager Profile. Awesome DocumentSnap reader Ray asked if I could turn the instructions into a video, so that is exactly what I have done. Here is a video that shows how to install and use an Alfred workflow, using the ScanSnap one as an example. […]

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