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Is Declaring Evernote Bankruptcy Right For You?

I have been using Evernote since 2008, and it is safe to say that I have a lot of information in there. Travel information, blog posts, kids activities, project notes, call notes, instruction manuals, reference materials, fitness logs – I have a thousands of notes going back seven years. Because of my heavy Evernote usage, […]

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Send Completed OmniFocus Tasks To Evernote

This is one of those posts that is only going to appeal to a narrow slice of DocumentSnap readers, but I’ve been using the heck out of this AppleScript lately. Import an OmniFocus Completed Task Report into Evernote via AppleScript. This OmniFocus AppleScript allows you to specify a time frame (e.g. Today, Yesterday, Last Week, […]

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Create Evernote Templates With Copy To Notebook

I receive a lot of requests from people wanting to create Evernote templates. They have recurring notes that need to be a certain structure, and don’t want to have to retype them over and over again. This tip is stolen from Aaron Lynn on the journaling episode of The Productivity Show. He talks about how […]

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Evernote OneNote Comparison

One of the great debates of our time is not Sammy vs. David in Van Halen or Ozzy vs. Dio in Black Sabbath. It is Evernote vs. OneNote. There are fans on both sides of the debate, and both are sure they have the best solution. I personally don’t believe in “best” applications. I think […]

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How To Disable News Articles Appearing In Evernote (aka Evernote Context)

I am sure there are some people that enjoy having news articles from the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Pando Daily and the like show up in their Evernote search results and notes. I am willing to bet that many DocumentSnap readers are not those people. Here is how to disable this “useful, relevant content that […]

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Create Evernote Note With Date From A PDF Using Hazel

After watching my Go Paperless With Hazel Webinar, awesome DocumentSnap reader Kyle Lines had a question: is it possible to use Hazel to grab a date from a PDF, create a note in Evernote, and use that date as the note’s creation date? He had an AppleScript most of the way there, but it wasn’t […]

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Create a GTD Tickler in Evernote

I know many DocumentSnap readers, myself included, use some variant of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system to keep on top of the things. One component of that system is to create a tickler file, which is a way to be reminded to take action on documents on their relevant dates. The book describes a […]

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Easily Save Web Pages To Evernote On iPhone Or iPad In iOS8

Saving web pages to Evernote on an iPhone or iPad has historically involved annoying workarounds like third party apps or hacked up bookmarklets. When iOS8 was announced, one of my big hopes was that the new extensions feature would make it easier to save content to Evernote, and I’m happy to say that is has. […]

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A Helpful Guide To Evernote Account Limits

A good thing about Evernote is that there is a huge amount of information out there about it. A bad thing about Evernote is the information is spread all over the place, which can make for a lot of searching around if you want to find something. A page I refer to all the time […]

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Evernote Post-It Notes – Crazy Like A Fox?

I have to admit that when Evernote announced their partnership with 3M and released Evernote-branded Post-It notes, I thought it was more than a little goofy. Post-It notes? Really? I am not a sticky note person myself, but I know many people are. What is so wrong with normal Post-It notes that there needs to […]

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