Mac Geeks: Help Develop A ScanSnap To Things GTD Workflow

Mac Geeks: Help Develop A ScanSnap To Things GTD Workflow

ThingsBack in early 2011, I wrote a post outlining how to scan to the OmniFocus Inbox. I am not an OmniFocus user myself, so the content of the post came via a helpful reader, Jos van de Voort van de Kleij.

It turns out that since that post, Jos has switched[1] from OmniFocus to Cultured Code’s Things, and wants to try to replicate the workflow as much as possible with his ScanSnap.

To accomplish this, Jos is looking for some Applescript help. Since I am neither a Things user nor an Applescript guru, I thought I’d post Jos’ plea here, and see if anyone has any ideas. If you do, feel free to comment here. Sounds like a fun project.

In Things my current workflow for ticklers is that I scan to Cloudapp (which works wonderfully by setting up a profile on the ScanSnap). Cloudapp places the url for the document on the clipboard. I then open a new task in Things, I copy the url in the notes section and schedule the task when I need to see it in the future.

That works wonderfully but: It would be so nice if I could put a document in the scanner and I would end up in an action in Things that I only need to schedule.

So I would need some Applescript to do that for me. Anyone out there that could help write the script??

I could set a profile on the scanner that scans to a folder. Then a folder script should copy the file to Cloudapp, wait for Cloudapp to finish uploading, then open a new action in Things and copy the Cloudapp url from the clipboard to the notes section.

As the ScanSnap can scan to the Cloudapp directly, any more elegant workflow using that would be fine too.

Any Mac geeks want to take a crack at this?

  1. Usually I hear about people going from Things to OmniFocus, I think this is the first I’ve heard of someone going the other way.  ↩

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debbie tennen - November 23, 2011 Reply

i cannot help with writing code, but wanted to add my two cents anyway…i am a dedicated Things user, and have really made it work for me; i also scan almost all i can to Evernote, and file e mails i may be interested in to my evernote account. but i still can't figure out how to add a date to evernote to remind me of things, or how to get the links easily to a things task.

actually, what i do is find the file i need in evernote, copy the url link and then create a task on things and add the url there in the note section. i just kind o f wish the two programs would get married already.

any thoughts?!!

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - November 24, 2011 Reply

    Hm, I was going to suggest that you do exactly what you are doing. I did come across this integration request between Things and Evernote. If you start from the end and read backwards, there are some suggestions in there. Maybe one of them would help?,31052,…

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