A Paperless Genealogy Research Trip

Whitfield Probate OfficeCarrying on with this week’s apparent theme of paperless genealogy, it is great to have your genealogy records scanned and in digital format, but it is even better to not have them in paper form in the first place.

I came across this great research trip report by Linda McCauley: The Paperless Research Trip Was Succesful. It’s a great writeup of the methods and tools that she used to research family records.

I started last Monday morning in the Probate Clerk’s Office in the Whitfield County, Georgia courthouse with my Android Tablet, Wand Scanner and Android Phone (used to take the photo below). Over three days, I also researched at the Whitfield-Murray Historical Society and the Murray County courthouse. I did not print one piece of paper. I did not write a word on a piece of paper. I copied everything with either the wand scanner or an app on my phone and typed all notes into Evernote on the tablet.

It may surprise you since I have a reputation for being a bit of an Apple fanboi, but one thing I like about this post, other than the paperlessosity, is that all this is done without a single piece of Apple technology. It’s a nice reminder that yes, you can actually get stuff done with Android in general and Android tablets specifically.

Are you into genealogy? Any tricks for doing research without using paper? Let’s hear it in the comments.

(Photo by Linda McCauley)

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