Mozy Updates Their Mac Client

Mozy Updates Their Mac Client


According to the Mozy blog, the online backup company has just updated their Mac client.

The biggest functionality that they have added is the ability to exclude types of files from your backup. Seems like pretty critical functionality for a backup client but hey, who am I to judge?

Here’s a list of the enhancements in the 1.4 Mac client:

  • Improved overall performance and stability for file selections and backups
  • Added menu option to automate the collection of log files
  • Moved preferences to global System Preferences
  • Improved sorting for Files and Folders in Configuration window
  • Improved the behavior of saving and canceling in Configuration window
  • Added a new icon to indicate partially backed up folders in Configuration window
  • Added menu item to start a backup from Configuration window
  • Added ability to create Backup Sets to exclude files
  • Added ability to sort by column in the Backup Set Editor window
  • Updated online guides
  • Added menu item to send product feedback or suggestions
  • Improved appearance of menu bar icons and other graphics
  • Improved speed of file preparation
  • Added ability to use the escape (ESC) key to close the Configuration window

Has anyone upgraded to the new client yet? Any issues?

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