Macdrifter On iPad PDF Reading

Macdrifter On iPad PDF Reading

iPad Reading}I’ll admit it, I used to be a printer.

Or to put it more accurately, I used to not be a screen-reader. If there was any document of non-trivial length that I needed to read, I’d print it out.

That all changed once I bought my iPad. Now, I actually prefer to read anything on the iPad vs. its paper counterpart. Books, magazines, PDF’s, you name it.

Over the past few months, Gabe Weatherhead over at Macdrifter has been doing a great blog series about doing research with an iPad, and Part 5 is all about reading and working with PDF’s: Working with Source Material.

I started this article as a review of several PDF readers. After a dozen revisions, it became obvious that I didn’t really want to write a review. I wanted to write about how I use the apps and how I leverage the properties of just a few apps. So this is more of a How-To with a little bit of review sprinkled in.

When I am reading and working with PDF’s on the iPad, I almost always use GoodReader. Despite how often I use it, I learned a bunch of things from this article.

However, Gabe’s not-a-review has prompted me to take a closer look at the other tools that he covers, iAnnotate in particular.

I also like his extra-page-for-notes trick. If you work with PDF’s at all on your iPad, I highly recommend giving Macdrifter’s post a read.

Do you have any other PDF management apps that you like? What do you use to read electronically?

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