Is The Number Of Printed Pages Dropping?

Is The Number Of Printed Pages Dropping?

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According to this article in the Herald & Review, a study was done by IDC that shows the amount of paper being printed is actually going down.

“It was like going over a waterfall,” said Wang, an analyst for the business consultant and market-research firm IDC. “Starting with the fourth quarter of 2008, we saw a definite drop in page outputs,” which nonetheless totaled 1.5 trillion pages for the year – or 5,000 sheets of printouts per man, woman and child.

That number will be lower this year, perhaps by more than 10 percent, though it had been climbing steadily since 2000. A temporary effect of the slow economy, or the beginning of a society truly less glued to paper?

Obviously 1.5 trillion pages is still nuts, but it is still a positive sign. For those of you who work in offices, have you noticed a trend to print less?

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