Video: Use EverClip To Send To Evernote On iOS

Video: Use EverClip To Send To Evernote On iOS

EverClipI often find myself wanting to clip web pages and other information to Evernote on my iOS device, but the standard Safari web clipper is not, shall we say, fun to use on an iPhone.

There are lots of workarounds, but the one I use is EverClip. It’s a small app that’s about $2, but it is a pleasure to use.

This video shows how to use EverClip to send web information to Evernote on the iPhone or iPad.

View the video below, or click here to watch it on YouTube. If you are able to, I recommend that you watch it with HD turned on.

This video on clipping to Evernote with EverClip is part of a series of quick videos on paperless tips and topics. View more in the series here.

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Kymberli - January 9, 2013 Reply

Is this still available? I cannot find it in the app store.

    zane - July 15, 2013 Reply

    type in everclip one word. if you type Ever Clip it will not show up

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