Link Pages In OneNote - A Cool Little Trick

Link Pages In OneNote – A Cool Little Trick

I came across this neat trick on Twitter to link pages in OneNote, and decided to share it here.

If you’re typing in a note, you can type [[, then the title of a Page, then ]]. When you do that, it’ll automatically turn that text into a link to the other page.

I tried this on OneNote for Mac and it didn’t seem to work, so I guess it’s a Windows thing.

Check out this embedded Tweet for an example:

Pretty cool.

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Joy - March 8, 2018 Reply

I am able to use this method – and it displays as a normal link with a solid underline link. But when I attempt to use this method for sub-pages, I get a dotted underline and it makes it hard to read the link text. How can I change the dotted underline to a solid underline for the sub-pages?

Devin - February 22, 2018 Reply

This even works for partial name matches. For example, if you have a page named “NPCs”, you can use [[NPC]]

Marc - July 22, 2016 Reply

Works on the mac for me Brooks, thanks for sharing!

Gazumped - July 22, 2016 Reply

I can verify it works in Windows! Now if only Evernote could do this…

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