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Create Encrypted Disk Image On Windows With BitLocker

In a recent issue of the DocumentSnap newsletter I wrote about the options for encrypting your electronic documents on Mac and Windows. Encryption can take multiple forms. You can encrypt your entire drive (something I do), but you can also create what is called an encrypted disk image – a special folder (sort of) that […]

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How To Install An Alfred Workflow

Recently I posted an Alfred Workflow to Select A ScanSnap Manager Profile. Awesome DocumentSnap reader Ray asked if I could turn the instructions into a video, so that is exactly what I have done. Here is a video that shows how to install and use an Alfred workflow, using the ScanSnap one as an example. […]

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Always Show Windows Icon In Taskbar

The Windows taskbar (that area in the bottom-right of the screen) has a feature that is both helpful and annoying at the same time. By default, most icons will not show unless they have something they need to tell you. This is nice because it stops the area from becoming cluttered up, but it can […]

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Securely Share Files With

Recently I wrote about, a secure (and Canadian) file synchronization service similar to Dropbox but with some enhanced security features. In my post, I whined: This is just personal opinion, but I find the sharing functionality limited. You can share a folder with someone, but you can’t create public links to individual files […]

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Create An Evernote Mac Import Folder Using Automator

For some reason that I will never understand, the Windows version of Evernote has included the ability to define an import folder for years, but that functionality has never made its way to the Mac version. The easiest way on the Mac is to import to Evernote using Hazel, but if you don’t use Hazel […]

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Video: Evernote PDF Markup, Rotation, and Annotation Summary

A few days ago, Evernote released an update (5.4.3 if you’re counting) for Mac that includes some nice new features that have flown under the radar. They aren’t in the Windows version yet, but hopefully soon. They are: You can rotate or delete specific pages from an attached PDF, right from within Evernote. When you […]

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File Search In The Dropbox Mobile App

I use Dropbox a lot, and generally like their mobile apps. There is one feature of the apps that I love, but it is a bit hidden: the ability to search for files in the Dropbox app by name. I made a little video to show how it works. While the video shows the iPhone […]

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PDF Markup in Evernote iOS

With the release of iOS7, Evernote has released a brand new version of its iOS app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. One of the new features which is Premium, but free for everyone for 30 days, is the ability to annotate and mark up PDFs right inside the app. This is extremely handy, and […]

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Enable and Disable File Sharing

With all the talk of file syncing services like Dropbox or devices like the Transporter, it is easy to forget about good old-fashioned file sharing. Your computer can be set up to share files with other computers on your network, or you may want to turn this ability off if you are going on a […]

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Make A Transporter Folder Remote Only

The Transporter is a “personal cloud device”, which means it is a storage device that plugs into your network and lets you store and share files without having to have your sensitive information stored on a third-party service. By default a certain amount of your files are cached locally on your computer, which means that […]

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