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Dropbox File Requests

Dropbox File Requests – Request A File From Anyone

Cloud services like Dropbox are great for sharing documents, but what happens when you want someone to send you a file? I’ve long wished there was an easy way to request a file from someone, especially if the file is too large to email. There have been third-party services that have done this for quite […]

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Change Mac Default To Search The Current Folder

There are different ways to search for files on the Mac. Usually I am searching my entire computer for a document, and for that I use Spotlight[1]. Occasionally I am in a Finder window and want to filter the displayed files, and for that I use the Search box in the top-right corner of the […]

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Nitro Pro 10 Review

When I need to do something with a PDF on Windows, more often than not I use Nitro Pro. It has the power of something like Adobe Acrobat, but is nicer to use. It doesn’t hurt that it’s much less expensive as well. They just released Nitro Pro 10, and I downloaded a review copy […]

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TextExpander 5 – Suggestions Reminders and More

I recently bought a new Mac, and instead of migrating my files and settings I decided to start fresh and install things as I needed them.[1] Let me tell you, that 10 minutes without TextExpander was painful. TextExpander is one of my absolute favorite applications. In fact, friend-of-DocumentSnap Deron Bos captured my thoughts from a […]

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Have Hazel Help With Your Document Destruction Policy

Do you keep your electronic documents forever? Or do you delete them when they’re no longer needed? Awesome DocumentSnap reader Bill from Minneapolis asked me this interesting question, and I couldn’t resist digging into it: [How do you] clean out your paperless files when the information is no longer needed? I have been using TextExpander […]

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Scannable Business Card Scanning

When Evernote first released Scannable, their standalone scanning app for iOS, I have to admit I didn’t get it. After all, their iOS (and Android for that matter) apps do a good job of scanning documents and business cards. Why create a totally separate app? I still don’t know the answer to that question, but […]

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Mac Power Users on DEVONthink

One of my oldest son’s many soccer practices lasts for two hours, and the field is surrounded by a track. During his training, I’ve started walking around the track so that I can pretend I’m doing something athletic while everyone around me is playing soccer or doing sprints. This is a perfect time to get […]

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New Evernote Pricing Plans

Yesterday Evernote announced big changes to the way their pricing plans work, including some things that might impact you if you use Evernote to go paperless. New Evernote Pricing Plans The free plan is called Evernote Basic. Maximum uploads stay the same (60 MB), and most other things stay the same with a few big […]

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Lucidchart Is My Go To Flowchart Software

I have been working on a project that involves making flowcharts. In the past I used Google Docs for this, but the shapes you can use are limited. I even own expensive graphing software, but it is complicated and the look isn’t the greatest. I remembered that someone had once sent me a chart made […]

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Is Declaring Evernote Bankruptcy Right For You?

I have been using Evernote since 2008, and it is safe to say that I have a lot of information in there. Travel information, blog posts, kids activities, project notes, call notes, instruction manuals, reference materials, fitness logs – I have a thousands of notes going back seven years. Because of my heavy Evernote usage, […]

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